55 Sexy and Hot Catwoman Pictures

She is known for her cat burglary and unpredictability. This same unpredictability makes her an inconstant person in Batman’s life. Is she a villain or an ally? We’ll never know. She maintains a love-hate relationship with the Dark Knight: being sensual and romantic one moment, then hostile at another. 

Catwoman’s origins depend on the writer. But to be consistent, referring to the most popular version would be the wisest option to take: the story of Selina Kyle. Her early life was full of tragedy. With her mom committing suicide, and her father drinking himself to death, Selina called the police then fled before they even arrived. Since then, she survived by committing petty crimes. Thanks to her natural gymnastic abilities and her cleverness, she became the slickest cat burglar in the city. 

Selina Kyle is the cat equivalent of Robin Hood. After managing her pet store in the morning, she then jumps on her feline business at night, giving out her loot to the Gotham’s poor. When the Dark Knight arrived in Gotham, the cat lady was instantly smitten. The meeting with Batman gave Selina an idea to change her fashion statement. Because of him, the world got the sexy dominatrix version of Catwoman, wearing a latex bodysuit with a matching whip. Catwoman may sometimes have anti-heroine tendencies. This unstable moral code is the reason why Batman lets her escape from time to time, thus forming a complicated and antagonistic relationship between the two. What better way to ease the sexual tension between the hot couple other than letting her run away?

Here are her known abilities as of the present:

  • Master Acrobat
  • Master Martial Artist
  • Master Thief
  • Stealth 
  • Feline Empathy

What makes Catwoman unique is her unpredictability. Will she romance you or scratch your head off? We’ll never know. What we’re sure of is how scorching hot Catwoman is. Her bodysuit highlights her figure: emphasizing her firm boobs and her plump ass. All that cat burglary must’ve done her well, considering the toned body that she has. She may not be a fan of bikinis, but that bodysuit pretty much did the job. The role of Catwoman is a torch passed down throughout the years. The actresses bold enough to play the position include the lovely ladies such as Michelle Pfeiffer, Hale Berry, and Anne Hathaway.

Catwoman is a figure cloaked under a veil of mystery. She is both heroic and villainous at the same time—an enigma with a taste for risk and danger. Though commonly recognized as a villain, she can stand up for the morally right decisions she has to make, regardless of the actions that she has to take. Whether comics or film, whoever the actress maybe, she will always be a comic book anti-heroine no one will easily forget: an enemy of Batman, and one hell of an impressive lover. 

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