41 Sexy and Hot Cassie Cage Pictures

This sexy fighter has only been around for a few years, but Cassie Cage is already one of the most beloved characters in Mortal Kombat. Actresses Ashly Burch and Erica Lindbeck lent their spectacular voices to the role.

Midway Games created the video game in 1992. The developers initially wanted to design a pastime based on action superstar Jean-Claude Van Damme. Since the idea never came to fruition, the company came up with a fighting game with fantasy elements instead. Unlike other diversions, players can obtain a secret fighter if they meet specific requirements.

Developers introduced her parents, Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, in the original version of the franchise. However, it will take more than two decades before Cassie Cage’s character will surface. 

Many would consider Johnny Cage as the main protagonist of the story, with good looks, a cocky attitude, and a dash of humor. A movie star by profession, Johnny Cage joined the Shaolin Tournament to prove his martial arts skills are authentic and not merely results of special effects.

Many would consider Sonya Blade as the leading lady of the story, primarily because she is the only female in the original roster introduced in 1992. As the Special Forces’ commanding officer, this hot blonde fighter has the stunning looks and the skills to back them up. Developers based her character from American martial artist Cynthia Rothrock.

With her parents divorced, Cassie Cage decided to follow her mother’s path and joined the Special Forces. The blue-eyed beauty has embarked on several missions to save Earthrealm from otherworldly enemies. There were times she fought with her notorious parents, though there were cases she also leads a different team to battle.

Fans usually see Cassie Cage wearing a full tactical suit with her signature aviator glasses and cropped blonde hair. However, behind that uniform lies a fantastic figure that is a feast for the eyes.

The warrior’s proportions boast of generous boobs and ass that can quickly subdue a mere mortal. With her introduction to the franchise, numerous fan arts have turned up, displaying everything she hides behind her armor.

Her fighting style is reminiscent of her parents’, and this blonde bombshell can fight in close quarters or long-range using a pistol. Fans love her special attacks and her finishing move called Bubble Head and Selfie.

Critics praised her fatality, considering it as the most brutal attack in the franchise. Aside from the damage it causes, the move is culturally relevant to our generation. Undoubtedly, developers outdid themselves with the creation of this assault. Feel free to browse through our collection of bikini photos of this gorgeous female character.

Sexy and Hot Cassie Cage Pictures