47 Sexy and Hot Carmen Electra Pictures

Carmen Electra is one of the famous American model, singer, and actress with numerous appearances in Playboy magazine. There is no doubt that Carmen Electra still fascinates men up to this day. Millions of people around the world admire her not only because of her beautiful chest area and bikini images but also for her respective field of profession.

Did you know that the beautiful 47-year-old Carmen Electra is the original babe in a red swimsuit? Truth to be told, the actress still looks similar to her teenage years, thanks to her healthy lifestyle. The actress recently revealed how she stays in such excellent shape. She keeps herself on a healthy diet, and when it comes to working out, she prefers dancing to be her primary source of exercise.

We have seen several images that highlight her appealing ass and boobs. These photos are sure to gone viral among men or even women! We included a whole collection of hot and sexy Carmen Electra photos from her casual outfits to cleavage shots. According to Electra, her great shape is the result of her commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Let’s thank her all for that!

However, before jumping on Electra’s captivating photos, let us first get some interesting facts about her life, but if you do not want to know all of that, scroll down and enjoy Carmen Electra’s irresistible photos.

Carmen Electra’s real name is Tara Leigh Patrick. She was born last April 20, 1972. The personality began her career in singing right after she moved to Minneapolis. Eventually, she met Prince, who helped the actress to produce her self-titled debut studio album.

In 1995, the actress started appearing in several television shows and was also featured in seductive pictorials in Playboy magazine. It led her to higher profile television appearances, mainly Baywatch and MTV’s Singled Out.

Additionally, she also modeled for several comic book covers, including the popular London Night Studios’ Razor and the Ladies of London Night.

Electra has an English, Irish, Dutch, and German descent. According to the actress, she is very close to her family, especially her mom. She considers her mom as her best friend.

What will make you admire her more is her charity work. Carmen Electra is a fundraiser for a non-profit organization called “Head to Hollywood”, which supports people who suffer from a brain tumor. Other charities that she supports include HollyRod Foundation, which provides emotional, physical, and medical support to those suffering from enfeebling life circumstances and Elevate Hope, which helps abandoned and abused kids.

So, we think we have spoken enough about this lovely woman, and it looks like it is the perfect time to jump right into our hand-picked collection of Carmen Electra’s images that are sure to complete your day. Enjoy!