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Carla Gugino started her Hollywood acting career in the late 1980s. She had guest roles in sitcoms such as Good Morning Miss Bliss and ALF before having recurring appearances in soap opera Falcon Crest.

The sexy Carla Gugino modeled for a short period during her youth. As she loved fashion and photography, she had a few gigs in New York under Elite Petite, a management agency for tiny women. However, she found the experience overwhelming, so she decided to shift to acting instead.

Most millennial viewers will probably remember her from the family film Spy Kids. Carla Gugino played the hot spy-mom who had to return to the field after retiring due to missing agents. Along with the original cast, she reprised her roles for two sequels on the franchise. All three films performed well in the box office. In an interview, Carla Gugino confessed she loved doing those movies, and they held a soft place in her heart.

One of her most notable works in the past five years is the Netflix supernatural drama series The Haunting of Hill House. The show received critical acclaim and will have a second season, albeit with a different story and characters. Carla Gugino had a crucial part in the creation of her character, Olivia Crain, which helped her play out the role effectively.

Carla Gugino plays shockingly varied roles, yet she has always stayed under the radar. The actress is confident in her sexuality and has no problems displaying skin for her works. In her latest TV series Jett, she plays the titular badass, a world-class burglar fresh out of prison. The show requires her to expose her boobs and bare her ass for a love scene. 

However, the director’s meticulous use of props and choreography does not give anything away. Jett received positive reviews from critics and is awaiting a network to pick it up for a potential second season. Regardless of where it lands, we are sure to binge on Carla Gugino’s mesmerizing crime caper.

On her Instagram account, she posted a bikini photo and mentioned that she feels most impressive in the ocean, apart from being on set. We are excited to see more pictures of her enjoying the beach this summer.

The gorgeous actress has a net worth of 14 million U.S. dollars, primarily coming from her works on television and film. She has also participated in two music videos, Bon Jovi’s Always and The Black Eyed Peas’ Where’s the Love?

She has never married but is in a long-term relationship with director and producer Sebastian Gutierrez. Though they have been together since 1996, the star has once mentioned she has no plans of tying the knot. It has been more than two decades, and it looks like the pair is still going strong.

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