60 Sexy and Hot Cara Delevingne Pictures

Cara Delevingne is known worldwide because of her astonishing modeling capabilities along with her perfect sexy body. Aside from modeling, she also landed several acting projects that boosted her popularity, including DC’s Suicide Squad film.

While she is born in Hammersmith, London, she grew up in Belgravia with her parents and two other siblings. A quick look at Delevingne will immediately give you a hint that she’s super-wealthy.

But despite being born in a wealthy family, Delevingne still pursued a career in modeling. Before she found herself, she struggled through different challenges, including her battle against depression.

She left Francis Holland School at the age of 16 and attended Bedales School in Hampshire to help nurture her love for music and drama.

At the age of 17, however, she dropped out of school and decided to pursue a modeling career, just like her older sibling.

She had a history with modeling before, where she posed for Vogue with Lady Eloise Anson.

Her journey through the modeling industry started in 2009 when she found Storm Model Management and signed a contract with them. She has to wait for a year working as a model before she finally got to star in a runway show.

In 2012, Burberry’s Christopher Bailey was responsible for Cara’s success when he included her in Burberry’s campaign that year.

She went on different runway shows and modeling projects up until 2015. Fans and media noticed a change in Cara’s appearance in modeling shows and runways to which she replied that she finally realized something, that success isn’t always mirroring the number of works she made. She then said that she would pursue more things, and she’ll start to become more open to opportunities.

It leads to more of her appearances in TV and film. One of her earliest castings would be in 2012 when she played as Princess Sorokina in Anna Karenina.

It wasn’t also just movies and TV series that she got into, and in 2013, she got something out of her comfort zone when she voiced a virtual DJ in Grand Theft Auto V’s radio, Non-Stop-Pop FM station. Players can hear Cara’s voice when they got inside any vehicle and tuned in to the station.

She also made her first TV appearance in Playhouse Presents’ last episode.

Cara’s most notable film appearance in her acting career would be in DC’s Suicide Squad, where she played as Enchantress. Her past acting experiences also helped her to perform well in this particular film.

As a supermodel, Cara maintains her hot figure, which is evident in her latest TV appearances. Her versatility is also the reason why she’s stayed relevant, her ability to model a bikini, formal wear, and even underwear is unmatched. Cara’s ass and several remarkable features also allowed her to be in countless magazines, which are all directed towards men. If you still can’t get enough of Cara’s beauty, we compiled a lot of photos that show her irresistible boobs and subtle body.

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