50 Sexy and Hot Cara Buono Pictures

She may star as Mike and Nancy’s mom in the Netflix original series, Stranger Things, but Cara Buono is looking like she just turned 25 years old in her recent photos. The veteran actress and mom of one still slay that hot body despite her busy schedule. To see more of her, scan through our compilation of Sexy and Hot Cara Buono Pictures below..

Cara Buono was born on March 1, 1974, and is now 46 years old. She attended college at Columbia University with a degree in English and Political Science. At the age of 12, Cara got to cast in a role for a play called Spookhouse. Her love for acting got sparked because of the movie, Burn This, which her sister took to watch.

In 1992, Cara got a role in the film Waterland with Ethan Hawke and Jeremy Irons. She also did stage plays while doing films. But Cara always loved to work with indie films. She starred in roles for films like Next Stop Wonderland in 1998 and Happy Accidents in 2000.

Aside from movies, Buono also appeared in the TV series, Third Watch, in 1999 for their final season. She appeared in 22 episodes before the show ended. Another TV series that Cara recurrently appeared on was Law and Order and Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

In 2006, Cara played the character, Kelli Moltisanti in the crime-drama series, The Sopranos. She appeared for seven episodes. 

Cara’s performance in the TV series, Mad Men, got highly praised by the public that it earned her a nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series at the Emmy’s. She also got nominated at the Screen Actors Guild Award. 

The character that Cara plays in Mad Men is Faye Miller, is a doctor in psychology who is also the main character’s love interest.

Currently, Cara is part of the Netflix original TV series, Stranger Things. She plays the mother of the main characters, Nancy and Mike. Her role in the third season of the series portrayed a more daring side. She wore sexy clothes to seduce the character of Billy Hargrove.

Cara’s performance in The Stranger Things garnered another nomination. She got nominated in for the Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

In 2019, Buono had another recurring role for a TV fantasy series, Supergirl. She plays the character, Gamemnae, an ancient alien who has been protecting the Earth from bad guys. 

Many fans were shocked by Cara’s transition from mom-of-two to an ancient alien. Many saw Cara as a typical mom on-screen, and they never saw her shift coming. For Cara, she does not need to be in revealing clothes to establishing that she is versatile, nor have that tight ass and big boobs to land significant roles.

Buono is married to Peter Thum, businessman, and entrepreneur, and has a daughter. They live in Greenwich Village in New York.

Sexy and Hot Cara Buono Pictures

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