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Former dancer and now a hot American actress, Caity Lotz made a name for herself with sheer talent and perseverance. Although Lotz has only a decade of acting experience, she’s one of the actors that we must look forward to seeing.

Caity Lotz started as a professional dancer, appearing in music videos and mostly, for prominent and in-demand artists like Lady Gaga. She appeared on the singer’s “Paparazzi” and “Love Game” music videos. Some of the artists Lotz has worked with include Selena Gomez, David Guetta, T-pain, Jojo, and Avril Lavigne.

Aside from doing music videos, she’s also in some tours of Lady Gaga and Avril Lavigne.

Lotz’s talent for dancing is more than excellent that even brands like Reebok, T-Mobile, and Jack in the Box noticed her skills. She also appeared on The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, a web series that features a different type of dancers across the United States.

Lotz is also in Groovaloo, which is a theater play with hip-hop elements infused.

Her ability to practice various types of martial arts allowed her to become a stunt double for Step Up 3D.

The sexy dancer and martial arts practitioner later transitioned to singing and performing. In 2005, Lotz entered as a member of the group Soccx. After releasing several singles, the group debuted their album, Hold On, in 2007.

Lotz showed more of her body, including her well-toned boobs, when she posed for several magazines, like Esquire.

The multi-talented artist continued to improve, and in 2006, after several years of acting training, she appeared in the film Bring It On: All or Nothing.

In 2010 onward, more roles came into her way, starting in Law & Order: LA and Mad Men. That same year, Lotz also appeared in Death Valley.

Lotz starred in more projects, including the 2012 film, The Pact, and TV series, DC’s Arrow. She also appears in Legends of Tomorrow, where she plays Sarah Lance, the same role she does in Arrow.

After three years, Lotz had an opportunity to star in the 2014 film The Machine. Lotz returned in 2015 for the season finale of the series Mad Men where she played the same role as before. The TV show is a massive hit to a lot of people and has achieved a total of seven seasons on its entire run.

Lotz also lends her voice to Doctor Randall in the sequel of the popular DC video game franchise, Injustice.

Caity Lotz is the definition of versatility and perseverance. The way she approaches learning is also different, and in a short period, she manages to do it correctly.

For her age, the American dancer still has the moves while retaining the bikini body Lotz had while starting her career.

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