60 Sexy and Hot Busy Philipps Pictures

Cougar Town actress Busy Philipps has been rocking motherhood with her two beautiful daughters. Now 40, Busy seems to get better with age with her sexy figure.

Elizabeth Jean Philipps better known as Busy Philipps is born in Illinois in 1979. She got the nickname Busy from her family because of her energetic and restless nature as a kid.

Busy expressed her interest in acting in fourth grade. She starred in several school plays and attended theatre camps during summer vacation.

At 18, she attended Loyola Marymount University and pursued acting in Los Angeles. Her first acting job was a real-life Barbie doll at a Mattel Toy Fair in 1996.

She got her first big break at Freaks and Geeks as Kim Kelly from 1999 to 2000. Her first TV appearance launched her acting career.

Aside from several minor roles on TV, Busy got her movie debut in the comedy film The Smokers in 2000.

Philipps regularly plays fun-loving and bubbly characters on television. In 2001, she joined the fifth season of the primetime soap Dawson’s Creek. Her role as Audrey garnered a Teen Choice Awards nomination for “TV-Choice Sidekick.” 

It was also the same show where she met co-star Michelle Williams who she developed a lasting friendship. The two became inseparable for the rest of their Hollywood life.

Busy also performed on several TV series. She starred for a recurring role in the medical drama series ER. She also appeared as a guest star on How I Met Your Mother and New Girl. She also starred on hit films such as the White Chicks and I Feel Pretty.

Her acting breakthrough came when she played the role of the hot Laurie Keller at TV sitcom Cougar Town. She was hailed as the Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series at the Critic’s Choice Television Award.

When Busy is not visible onscreen, she uploads short videos on her Instagram account. She shares some of her fitness workouts and family life. Her content brought social media success with almost two million followers.

Busy also shared that she has been earning more money with sponsored brands compared to the years she spent on acting.  In 2018, she worked with Simon & Schuster, where she published a collection of autobiographical essays entitled, This Will Only Hurt a Little.

Apart from her fun-filled life as a mom, Philips has been very open about her anxiety and occasional depression. She openly discusses her struggles on social media. The actress also has a podcast, We’re No Doctor, where she talks about health-related topics.

In 2007, she married screenwriter, Marc Silverstein. He wrote several films such as Never Been Kissed and The Vow. They have two daughters Birdie Leigh and Cricket Pearl.

In her free time, Busy confidently shows off her body from beach trips. She loves wearing two-piece swimsuits and string bikinis that accentuates her ass and boobs. Now get ready and indulge yourself with Busy Philips’s snapshots flaunting her sexy curves.

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