43 Sexy and Hot Bulma Pictures

You probably find it amazing how can a Dragon Ball Z character sexy pictures can leave your jaw-dropping in awe. It only proves that Bulma’s role is a success. She won your eyes and heart by her beauty and appeal.  

Learn more about her as you explore her hot images. 

Akira Toriyama created her character in his manga series, Dragon Ball. She played an essential role in the series, making her one of the prominent leading figures in the manga aside from Goku.  

The cast from the Chinese novel, Journey to the West, named Tang Sanzang, was the bases of her character. According to Toriyama, Goku would be someone without a say if it is not because of Bulma. 

By looking at Bulma’s bikini pics, you would notice that her appearances are not consistent, unlike the others in the series. It is because Bulma is almost an ideal perfect lady. She is fashionable and intelligent.

In the first release of the series, her hair was turquoise but eventually changed to fuchsia. According to Toriyama, the changed on her appearance was a portrayal of the few years had passed. 

As for her biography, you will know that she can kick an ass. 

Bulma is the daughter of Dr. Briefs and Panchy. Dr. Briefs is the Capsule Corporation’s Founder. This company focuses on creating capsules that can hold different kinds of objects, no matter what the size is. She has an older brother named Tights.

Because her father is a scientist, it is no wonder that she inherited some of her father’s intellectual capacities. She invented several devices that proven to be useful throughout the series that helped her in stressful situations. Among these devices are the Dragon Radar and a time machine.

In the story, Goku and Bulma met when the latter hired Goku to be her bodyguard. Goku would help her to find the dragon balls, which have powers to grant wishes. 

At first, Kazuhiko Torishima, Toriyama’s editor at that time, wanted Goku and Bulma to become lovers but never happened. Bulma instead formed a relationship with Yamcha. However, they broke up and became Vegeta’s wife. 

She gave birth to Trunks and Bulla. 

Even though she became a friend to the manga’s main protagonist, Bulma has an attitude. She makes her narrow-mindedness as an excuse for her intelligence. However, her personality made her unable to get on to the Flying Nimbus. 

In stressful situations, she usually blamed those around her for her mishaps, including her loved ones.

Despite having an attitude, you cannot deny that her character is lovable. Dragon Ball Z is not complete without her. 

For this reason, this manga fans loved watching and reading her story from her teens till she became a mom. Despite being a mom of two, her beauty, boobs, brains, and personality prove that she can still be one of the hottest characters.

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