55 Sexy and Hot Brooklyn Decker Pictures

Seeing the Sexy and Hot Brooklyn Decker Pictures we have below, you will agree that she is one of the hottest women in the world. She has the height of a model, blonde hair, and blue eyes. What most people do not know is that she is more than just a pretty face and body.

Brooklyn Danielle Decker was from Ohio. Her mother, who was a nurse, gave birth to her on the 12th of April 1987. Her father, Stephen, was a salesman who sold pacemakers. Aside from her, she has a sibling, a little brother named Jordan. 

Her family moved from Ohio to North Carolina.

She went to the David W. Butler High School and Midlothian High School. She took her college education at the University of Virginia. 

If you think that she is hot, you can look at her as much as you like, but you do not have a chance for her heart at all. Currently, she is married to Andy Roddick. 

Brooklyn and Andy’s dating relationship started in 2007 until they engaged in 2008. In 2009, that was the time they tied the knot in Andy’s hometown in Texas. 

Seeing her in a bikini, you will never think that she is already a mother. In 2015, she bore a child, which followed by the second one in 2017. 

Her modeling career started when she became the model for a dressmaker, Mauri Simone. She was a teenager and was at the shopping mall in Charlotte when somebody discovered her. 

After that, she busted her ass to become a successful model and actress as she is today. She modeled for magazines, which include Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, among several others. 

She has become famous for her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue appearances, including its 2010 issue, where she became the magazine’s cover. She has also modeled for Victoria’s Secret, where she walked for the Swim collection in 2010. 

Her modeling became a success. She garnered several awards and titles, which prove that she represents the brands well. She won the Model of the Year in 2003, titled as one of the 100 Hottest Women of All-Time by Men’s Health, titled by the Sexiest Woman Alive in the 2010 edition of Esquire magazine. 

Aside from being a model, she is also an actress who appeared in famous TV shows and movies. She became one of the judges in Germany’s Next Topmodel. 

She made appearances in TV shows like Chuck, Ugly Betty, Royal Pains, and The League. 

In 2011, she debuted in Just Go With It and took the lead character role in Battleship. She also appeared in other movies where she took on the supporting and leading roles. 

With this information, you do not have to see her boobs for you to agree that she is one of the sexiest women alive. 

Sexy and Hot Brooklyn Decker Pictures