54 Sexy and Hot Brooke Shields Pictures

Nowadays, there are tons of breathtakingly beautiful models around the world. We can never get enough of these gorgeous people, whether they are on-screen or photoshoots. No matter how we change our notions of attractiveness, there are still some people who will never cease to become the center of attention.

Today, we will be discussing a charming and elegant model, namely Brooke Shields. We cannot resist the fact that Brooke’s beauty is timeless. From casual to bikini outfits, the model knows how to carry herself gracefully. For that reason, we thought that it would be excellent to share some of her hot and sexy images throughout her career. 

We all know that Shields has fantastic boobs and ass. Therefore, we decided to handpick all of her most viral photos and share them with our curious readers. But before proceeding to our image collection, let us take a few moments to check some exciting stories about Shields’ professional life.

Brooke Christa Shields is a professional American model and actress who was born on the 31st of May, 1965 in Manhattan, New York. Her father is Frankly Shields, a businessman, while her mother is Teri Shields, a former actress, and model. Her parents had English, French, Italian, Irish, German, Welsh, Scotch, and Irish descent.

According to an American genealogist, William Adams Reitwiesner, Brooke’s bloodline is connected with different noble families across Europe, specifically in Rome and Genoa. Her paternal grandmother, Donna Marina Torlonia dei Principi di Civitella-Cesi, was an Italian-American aristocrat.

Despite coming from a wealthy family, her father’s family paid Teri to terminate her pregnancy. Teri took the money but still gave birth to Brooke Shields. According to Teri, she wants her beautiful child to be active in show business. Afterward, Teri tied the knot with Brooke’s father, Frank. However, they still got divorced when Brooke was only five months old. 

Growing up, Brooke developed her faith in the Roman Catholic. She spent her high school days in Haworth, New Jersey. She also studied at the New Lincoln School until she finished her eighth grade.

Brooke became famous due to her role in a 1978 film called Pretty Baby. The actress’s character is a child prostitute from New Orleans. For that reason, she instantly gained several critical acclaims since the actress was only twelve years old when she played the role. Brooke continued to enhance her modeling career despite her widespread notoriety. She also starred in several 1980s dramas, such as the adventure romantic survival drama film called The Blue Lagoon, and a romantic drama film called Endless Love.

As of today, Brooke has been married twice. Her first husband was Andre Agassi, a retired professional tennis player. She married Agassi in 1997 and separated last 1999. After a few years, she met Chris Henchy, an American screenwriter, and producer, who eventually became her husband. Currently, they have two beautiful daughters. 

Sexy and Hot Brooke Shields Pictures