47 Sexy and Hot Brooke Burke Pictures

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So sit, down, relax, and enjoy the hottest photos of Brooke Burke that will turn on your wild side.Brooke Burke was the hot, wanderlust-filled host of Wild On! (1997-2003), where she took over the place of the former host Jules Asner.

Brooke Burke was one of Ford Agency models back in the day who posted for lingerie shoots for the company Fredericks. She even appeared in famous ads for Bally exercise clubs! Thanks to her long-time hosting performance in Wild On!, Brooke Burke got the attention of a lot of magazines, including Maxim, Playboy, etc. Who is she, and how is her career?

Brooke Lisa Burke-Charvet, or better known as Brooke Burke, came to the world on September 8, 1971. This Hartford, Connecticut native is an actress, model, dancer, and T.V. personality famous for starring in Rock Star (2005-2006), for her win in the 7th season of Dancing With The Stars (2008), and for being the show’s co-host from 2010 till 2013.

Brooke Burke was the daughter of Donna Burke, who is of Portuguese descent but got raised in a Jewish household, and George Burke, who is of Irish-French origin. Unfortunately, Brooke Burke’s father left them when she was just about two-years-old. Fortunately, her mother found a new love, an American who helped her in raising Brooke Burke as a child. When she got to college, she started to study journalism. 

Brooke Burke became famous because of Wild On!, which aired from 1991 up until 2002. Back in 2005 to 2006, she got the chance to host the CBS reality show Rock Star (2005), where aspiring singers competed and performed in front of a rock band. Aside from T.V. appearances, Brooke Burke had also authored several books highlighting her reflections in life.

In 2007, she made an entrepreneurial venture, Baboosh Baby, which provides wraps for pregnant women. Brooke Burke has also worked with some video game producers as a face and voice artist. She did well with Need for Speed: Underground (2003), and Trivial Pursuit Unhinged (2004).

Brooke Burke announced that she had thyroid cancer and then went under the knife. Then, on December 12, 2012, she told the world that all of the tumors in her body got removed.

The fact that she posed for several men’s magazines is proof that she has a uniquely perfect body. Look at her, even at her 40s, and she’s still rocking it! Try imagining Brooke Burke in her peak years? There is no need; you can gaze your eyes upon her sexiest photos right here.

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Sexy and Hot Brooke Burke Pictures