60 Sexy and Hot Britney Spears Pictures

Britney Jean Spears is the princess of pop. Her birthday is on December 2. Born in Mississippi, this sexy and daring singer, dancer rose to stardom when she was a teenager. Spears made every school girl embrace their school uniform when she performed a music video wearing a high school uniform and pigtails.

Her debut album Baby One More Time was such a hit. It won several awards, such as Best Selling Album in the US by a Female Artist (Guinness World Record) and  Best Selling Foreign Album (Juno Awards).

When Spears turned twenty, she performed mature themes for her other albums, Britney and In the Zone. She also starred in a film titled “Crossroads.” During her stardom in the limelight,

Spears experienced personal struggles and criticized for erratic behavior. She had numerous hospitalizations that forced her to undergo conservatorship. This conservatorship disrupted her career, and Spears had to stop performing for the public. She was unable to make an official release of her upcoming Blackout album.

In 2011, Spears returned with a big bang, topping the record charts for her albums Circus and Femme Fatale. In these albums, she showed another side of her personality, a daring, hot chick who’s capable of dangerous things.

Forbes tagged her as the highest-paid female artist in 2012. It’s no surprise since most of her songs made it in record charts. She also garners many awards throughout her singing career. Just recently, reports say that she got admitted to a mental hospital involuntarily.

Spears had numerous relationships, and mostly her marriage lasts only a year or so. Currently, she is dating Sam Asghari.

Despite her highly publicized erratic behaviors, Spears strives to keep a healthy and fit lifestyle. Well, she has to keep a fit body if she wants to wear a daring bikini to flaunt her ass and boobs. We know that Spears has a fearless personality who is confident of her body.

You can see proofs everywhere. How many times have you seen Spears clad in scant clothes? We can’t count them since there are too many. Throughout the years, she is trying to tell us one thing. Other people’s opinions don’t affect her that much, judging on the way she dresses every time she attends an awarding ceremony.

This attitude is the reason why Spears continue to snare the hearts and approval of her fans. She may not be as young as before. Spears may not be as naive and innocent as ten years ago. But, she’s still the Princess of Pop, and she will remain to possess that crown. So, now, let’s see some of the sexiest and most daring pictures of Britney Spears.

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