49 Sexy and Hot Bristol Palin Pictures

This sexy American TV personality has been in the spotlight for more than a decade, and Bristol Palin’s fame started from her famous mother’s political career. However, this lovely brunette has already stepped away from Sarah Palin’s shadow and made a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

As the eldest daughter of Sarah Palin, the gorgeous celebrity has big shoes to fill. Her name has several meanings: from the inn where her mother first worked to the place where her father grew up. Bristol Palin has mixed ancestry, with Dutch, English, and Native American blood flowing through her veins.

The striking TV personality first captured the media’s attention due to her pregnancy coinciding with her mother’s electoral campaign for vice president. This milestone sparked backlash mainly because she was still a teenager, and she appeared to capitalize on the situation by campaigning against teen pregnancy.

The hot celebrity got engaged to the father of her baby, Levi Johnston, amid rumors of external political pressure. The couple had a rocky relationship, fighting a high-profile custody case over their son and eventually reuniting months later. However, the relationship was not meant-to-be, and the court hearing ended with the mother receiving full custody.

In 2015, the beautiful woman got engaged to Marine veteran Dakota Meyer. She again received criticism for her second pregnancy before marriage, though the couple eventually tied the knot six months after their daughter’s birth.

Unfortunately, Dakota Meyer was not her happily ever after either, and their marriage ended in divorce in 2018 after a nasty fight on social media. Though there were rumors of other men in her life following the breakup, Bristol Palin is mercifully single.

Aside from her role as a public speaker, Bristol Palin has appeared on several TV shows. In 2010, she was a guest in an ABC teen drama series for one episode. However, the one-time actress confessed that she would no longer do any acting.

The talented artist participated in two seasons of Dancing with the Stars, opposite professional dancer Mark Ballas. Though she failed to win both times, Bristol Palin secured third place on her first attempt. She has once commented that joining the show helped her grow as a person, and which is evident with her curvaceous figure, generous boobs, and full ass.

The young star joined the cast of Teen Mom OG, although she quit the show a year later. Since 2018, Bristol Palin has focused on her work as a real estate agent and mother to three children. Feel free to browse our exclusive collection of bikini photos of this gorgeous young woman.

Sexy and Hot Bristol Palin Pictures