43 Sexy and Hot Bridgit Mendler Pictures

You may remember Bridgit Mendler on Wizards of Waverly Place, along with co-star Selena Gomez. But she is now all grown-up and away from the Disney limelight. As she gained maturity, she became quite a sexy lady and the Sexy and Hot Bridgit Mendler Pictures we have for you are testifying to that!

The actress, singer, and songwriter proved that throughout the years, she took more mature roles, grown into this hot successful woman, ready to take on the world with her talent and wit.

Bridgit Claire Mendler is an actress, singer, and songwriter born on December 18, 1992. Her parents, Sandra Mendler and Charles Mendler, decided that their family of four moved to California when she was still eight years old.

The former child star began acting at the age of eight and performed at the San Francisco Fringe Festival

 at 11 years old.

The Legend of Buddha was Bridgit’s first acting gig. She voiced-over the character, Lucy. After her one-minute appearance at the soap opera, General Hospital, Mendler began to take on film roles like in Alice Upside Down and got the part of Kristen Gregory in the famous teen novel series called The Clique.

Bridgit’s breakthrough was in her role as Juliet Van Heusen in Wizards of Waverly Place. Her character was the love interest of Justin Russo, played by David Henrie. After her performance in the Disney Channel series, Bridgit got a starring role in another Disney Channel series called Good Luck Charlie. The series premiered in 2010 and lasted for four seasons until 2014.

While doing her Good Luck Charlie project, Mendler got the opportunity to star in the movie Lemonade Mouth, an original movie by Disney Channel. She recorded several songs for the film and even got the 89th spot at the Billboard 100. After her success in her OST songs, she got to sign with Hollywood Records.

In March 2011, she began recording her songs for her debut album. She had several movie and TV engagements in that same year. She also sang a couple of soundtracks, including Summertime for the animated movie, The Secret World of Arrietty.

“Hello My Name Is..” is Mendler’s debut album and got released in October 2012 with 12 tracks on the standard version and 15 on the deluxe. She had co-written her songs along with Emanuel Kiriakou and Evan Bogart.

After Mendler’s third album, Nemesis, she had other TV engagements like Nashville. Currently, she appeared in Netflix’s series, Merry Happy Whatever.

Aside from her philanthropy works, Mendler also enrolled in MIT’s graduate program, and in 2019, she tweeted that she is in law school at Harvard. 

In October 2019, Mendler married Griffin Cleverly and is currently selling her home in Silver Lake. With all of Bridgit’s success, she is a living proof that showing off those boobs and ass is not the basis of being sexy. Instead, you can show off your progress.

Sexy and Hot Bridgit Mendler Pictures

Sexy and Hot Bridgit Mendler Pictures
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