50 Sexy and Hot Brandi Rhodes Pictures

What Brandi wants, she gets. No dream is unachievable for Brandi Rhodes. She is an American professional wrestler, a T.V. personality, and a businesswoman. In this story we will conclude with a showcase of the most Sexy and Hot Brandi Rhodes Pictures ever published, with exclusive bikini photos.

Brandi is considered as the “Princess of Pro-wrestling because she’s the daughter-in-law of Dusty Rhodes, a professional wrestler who passed away.

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She is a pretty face, but don’t let that fool you! Brandi Rhodes is an aggressive wrestler in the ring and a dominating woman outside. She usually performs in England, Australia, and Japan. Brandi Rhodes is a public speaker too! Public speaking is one of her best skills, considering that she’s a broadcaster.

Brandi Alexis Reed hailed from Canton, Michigan, born on June 23, 1983. At a young age of four, she was already a competitive figure skater until she reached seventeen years-old. She then stopped her craft to focus on her education, aiming for a broadcasting career. 

Brandi Rhodes, under a full scholarship, graduated from the University of Michigan. She worked as a local news reporter and decided to relocate to Miami, Florida to pursue a Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Miami. That goes to show that she has the dedication to pursue what she wants. Fantastic!

She is well known for her sport: professional wrestling. She signed her WWE contract in 2011 and got designated to the Florida Championship Wrestling. With “Brandi” as her chosen nickname, she starred at the weekly releases of the Superstars as a ring announcer. She was also a part of NXT using the name Eden Stiles. She then worked for SmackDown as a ring announcer. Her pro-wrestling career is genuinely magnificent.

Brandi Rhodes’ height is 6’1’’, with the weight 76kg. She has a beautiful athletic build, with dark brown eyes that are noteworthy. You can see her in the ads of Budweiser, Maxim, and KFC.

In November 2017, she joined the artists in the T.V. series Wags Atlanta. Brandi Rhodes’ athletic career has given her a very tone body, enough to do her job as a ring announcer and as a professional wrestler.

One glance at this hottie, and you’ll know why a lot of people have a crush on her. Her boobs and ass are to die for, and her pretty face is distracting enough.

Sexy and Hot Brandi Rhodes Pictures