60 Sexy and Hot Black Widow Pictures

The hot and captivating beauty of Black Widow is loved by many. Even those who aren’t big fans of comic books will know her because of Marvel’s famous adaptation of Natasha Romanoff in the big screen. In this post, we gather some of the best Sexy and Hot Black Widow Pictures that will show you how sexy she is.

The origin of Natasha is unknown, but what’s sure is that she has undergone severe training under Russia in an establishment they call Red Room. Her trainers made sure that she will acquire specific skill sets that would help her go head-to-head with any enemies, including super soldiers.

She later betrayed her trainers and swore to never go back to her roots. Natasha then went to the right side by joining as an agent of SHIELD.

Aside from being trained in almost any martial arts, her perfection continues with her favored weapons, a pair of Glock 26s, and her signature equipment, the Black Widow bite. She uses this to shock enemies for her to take advantage and knock them off instantly.

Aside from amazing physical feats, Natasha is also capable when it comes to computers so that she can quickly gain access anywhere or counter any digital attacks.

In her earlier years as a Russian spy, her masters are the ones assigning targets for her. But now that she broke free from them, Natasha is now taking orders from SHIELD.

Aside from being a trusted agent of SHIELD, she also helped to establish the roots of Avengers, consisting of earth’s most potent superheroes. Although she is supposed to be dependent, Natasha is still a good team player, evident on her successful missions with the Avengers.

Black Widow’s loyalty belongs to Nick Fury and SHIELD. After being brought by Hawkeye to the SHIELD headquarters, shortly, Natasha was given an assignment by Fury to serve as surveillance for Tony Stark, before they form the Avengers.

As a spy, she took care of her first assignment carefully and became Tony Stark’s assistant. She, later on, she revealed her true identity to him before saving his life.

Black Widow stays close with the Avengers and has become a great team player. She’s present in most of their assignments and big fights. Their first one happed to be with Thor’s brother, Loki. The second one being an ascended entity, Ultron, who planned to take over the world. Agent Natasha fought with the team very well and succeeded in their earliest assignments.

Most of the time, Black Widow wears a tight black suit that reveals another layer of her sexy personality. Her past training also motivates her to stay in shape to make sure that she accomplishes any mission precisely. With her bikini perfect body, most Marvel comics fans appreciate Natasha’s beauty and physique.

Sexy and Hot Black Widow Pictures

Sexy and Hot Black Widow Pictures
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