50 Sexy and Hot Billie Lourd Pictures

Though you might be unfamiliar with this actress’ name, we are confident you will recognize most of her renowned family. She is one heck of a sexy woman and we have Sexy and Hot Billie Lourd Pictures to prove it!

Billie Lourd has only been active in the entertainment industry for a little over five years, but she already has a reported net worth of 20 million dollars. Some of it comes from her acting gigs, but the majority of this value comes from her inheritance. 

This sexy blonde is the only daughter of Hollywood legend Carrie Fisher, who played the iconic Princess Leia in the Star Wars movie franchise. This little detail means her maternal grandparents are singer-actress Debbie Reynolds and actor Eddie Fisher. Her father, Bryan Lourd, is an agent and business executive for Creative Artists Agency. 

Billy Lourd is the niece of actress Joely and Tricia Leigh Fisher. She even has legendary godparents, the award-winning actress Meryl Streep and screenwriter Bruce Wagner. Undoubtedly, this American star grew up in the shadow of illustrious people.

Surprisingly, she kept away from the spotlight until after she finished college. In an interview, the actress mentioned how her family wanted to keep her away from the showbiz industry. As such, Billie Lourd graduated from New York University with a degree in psychology in 2014. 

However, it looks like acting is in their blood. Her first movie role was in the Star Wars film, The Force Awakens. Though she was not able to play the lead character, which went to Daisy Ridley, she depicted the hot Resistance controller Lieutenant Kaydel Ko Connix.

The actress’s more prominent roles happened on television. She played Sadie Swenson in the comedy slasher series Scream Queens. As Chanel #3, Billie Lourd appeared in both seasons. She also had a primary role in several installments of the American Horror Story franchise.

Billie Lourd has almost 1.5 million followers on Instagram, and there is no shortage of gorgeous bikini pics. Aside from her glamorous outfits on the red carpet, she also displays chic and trendy street fashion. She even switches up her hair color, too – from blonde to platinum gray, and a dark brunette.

The celebrity has two high-profile relationships. She dated teen heartthrob Taylor Lautner for several months before finding her way back to actor Austen Rydell. She regularly posts photos of them together on her social media platform. She is still young, but whoever she ends up with is a lucky guy, indeed.

We are excited to see how Billie Lourd will reprise her role in the tenth season of American Horror Story. While waiting, feel free to browse through our collection of images to see teasing glimpses of this beauty’s boobs or ass. If she is anything like her mother, this actress is sure to sweep us off our feet, too.

Sexy and Hot Billie Lourd Pictures