42 Sexy and Hot Billie Kay Pictures

Billie Kay may be a mean, tough, and arrogant woman, but she’s iconic. Billie Kay is one of the most famous female pro-wrestlers in the US. She’s not just a mean killing machine, but she’s also incredibly hot as seen in our Sexy and Hot Billie Kay Pictures we compiled below.

The Australian ex-basketball player found out that her height gives her an advantage against her foes. For eight years, she made a name for herself in pro-wrestling, even crossing with Asuka and Paige!

We know you love her; that’s why we’ve compiled the sexiest photos of Billie Kay for your satisfaction. If your type is a strong (literally) and confident woman who doesn’t know how to give up, then Billie Kay is for you. Now sit back, relax, and see the sexiest photos of Billie Kay that will wrestle your mania.

Jessica McKay was born on June 23, 1989, in Sydney, Australia. She is a well-known professional wrestler, signed under the ring name Billie Kay to the WWE. She performs on Raw and is one of the duo The Iconics, together with the hot Peyton Royce. The Iconic peaked at WrestleMania 35 when they won a Fatal 4-way match. Because of that, they have captured the WWE Women’s Tag Team belts.

Billie Kay, together with a friend wrestler from the land down under, Peyton Royce, formed a powerful alliance named The Iconic Duo. They usually do everything together: from pestering the NXT General Manager to being hailed as the Breakout Stars of 2016.

Kay then decided to move to SmackDown After Wrestlemania, still tagging along with her BFF. The best friends wasted no time to assert their dominance; they ruthlessly camped for Charlotte Flair, causing her to indirectly lose the SmackDown Women’s Championship after having her money gets cashed in the Bank by Carmella.

She may be fierce in the ring and arrogant outside, but Kay has a warrior spirit. She will not lay to rest until she and Peyton Royce becomes the most exemplary icons of WWE History. Little did people know, but Billie Kay and Peyton Royce go a long way together in the past.

They are not just living in the same city, but they also went to the same high school! They loved wrestling so much they got into the business together.

Admit it or not, she is, in every shape and form, a sexy dominatrix. Her body is ready to fight, and to battle, she goes. Her ass is such a pleasant sight to see, together with her boobs, that complements everything she wears. Whether it is an elegant dress or a skimpy bikini, she will never cease to surprise you with how good she looks.

And her training did her body right, considering how physically fit and toned she is. Such physique may only be possible through sheer discipline and dedication to her craft: pro-wrestling.

Sexy and Hot Billie Kay Pictures