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Barbara Dunkelman is a Canadian by birth. Before her move to Austin, Texas, she was residing in Montreal, Quebec. She grew up in a Jewish family. Born on July 2, 1989, Dunkelman is a middle child. She has an older and another younger brother who are as good looking as she is. Check out our Sexy and Hot Barbara Dunkelman Pictures below, for more!

Dunkelman got her interest in Rooster Teeth and Red vs. Blue (a segment in Rooster Teeth) through her brothers. In 2004, she joined Rooster Teeth’s community. Seven years after, Dunkelman becomes the Director of Social and Community Marketing in Rooster Teeth.

Before Dunkelman’s hiring in the Rooster Teeth, she actively participated in the events of Rooster Teeth. A year after signing up on the site, Dunkelman assisted the fan event of Red Vs. Blue Toronto. Rooster Teeth has a significant impact of Dunkelman’s life.

This sexy internet personality enrolled in Concordia University. She graduated with a degree in Marketing in 2011. A few months after graduation, Dunkelman together with other employees (Michael Jones, Ray Narvaez, Jr., Kerry Shawcross, and Lindsay Jones) and fellow community members (Dylon Saramago, Andrew Blanchard, and Mike Kroon) in Rooster Teeth founded the Internet Box podcast. This show earned several awards.

In December 2011, Rooster teeth hired Dunkelman as their first Community Manager. During this time, she had the highest number of followers in Rooster Teeth.  Since February 2012, Dunkelman actively appears on the Rooster Teeth Podcast.

In May 2013, Microsoft interviewed Dunkelman and Jack Pattillo, a co-employee regarding the 2013 E3 Xbox One reveal. Dunkelman revealed in her interview that despite being an active persona in many podcasts in Rooster Teeth, her appearances consist only 25%. These appearances in events and podcasts online are part of her job as a marketing employee.

Aside from these podcasts, Dunkelman lends her voice to many web animation characters. Her first acting and voice role is RWBY. Dunkelman plays the character, Yang Xiao Long. She also became the voices of  Cosmos in Fairy Tail (2013).

Her other voice roles include iBlade, Ten Little Roosters (2014), X-Ray and Vav. Dunkelman also hosted Always Open that talks about lifestyle and sexual health.

Outside Rooster Teeth, Dunkelman became the hostess in WatchMojo.com for a few months during the year 2010.  She also played a feature role in Lazer Team 2 as a reporter in the 2017 action comedy film. Dunkelman also created her clothing line in 2016.

As of today, Dunkelman’s net worth reaches $3.5Million. Her net worth isn’t a surprise considering her success since she was in high school.

When it comes to her personal life, Dunkelman was once dating Aaron Marquis, an employee of Rooster Teeth. Eventually, the couple parted ways. Since 2018, Dunkelman is dating Trevor Collins.

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Sexy and Hot Barbara Dunkelman Pictures