52 Sexy and Hot Avril Lavigne Pictures

Avril Lavigne was always going to be a singer. When she was only two years old, her mom said that she’s sure that the young Avril is going to be a singer one day.

The Ontario born and raised budding musician made her debut in the music scene by singing country songs in bookstores. 

When she was 14, Avril Lavigne got her first break when she joined a singing contest, which she later won. The competition was to find a duet for the already famous Canadian singer Shania Twain. Their team-up later became a massive hit, which provided a secure foundation for what will be a thriving career for the aspiring singer.

Two years later, Avril Lavigne forgoes her high school studies to grab her opportunity in the music industry. She moved to New York and then signed with Artista Records.

In 2002, the 18-year-old singer burst into the American music scene with her debut album Let Go. Before the year ends, three of her singles from the album rose to unimaginable fame, topping the Billboard charts and fans worldwide sang her songs, including Complicated. 

The Canadian’s music became popular with fans and also earned praises from critics, propping her album to be the second best-selling CD during its release. 

Her multi-platinum album led her to become a household name quickly, also earning her multiple nominations and awards from the Grammy’s in the US and its equivalent in Canada, among others.

However, that immense success only rose further when Avril Lavigne released her second album in 2004, Under My Skin. During the first week of the launch, the album sold over 380,000 copies in America, then ranked number one worldwide.

Her success led the Canadian singer to get more projects, including a performance for the Turin Winter Olympics. It also landed her a role to voice a character in the animated film Over the Hedge. 

Her success in the music world also opened an opportunity for Avril Lavigne to venture into the acting scene. She took part in the film adaptation Fast Food Nation. 

Aside from her music, fans loved the singer for her signature edgy look with mostly black wardrobe, neckties, and heavy eye make-up. Her style sparked a fashion trend, which most people now call “skater-punk.” 

Avril Lavigne has had an iconic career and remains one of the most famous artists to this day. Aside from her singing, she’s also one sexy artist. Avril Lavigne ranked first on the Hottest 21 Under 21 list by Teen People magazine in 2005. 

Despite her unique hot and funky style as a singer, Avril Lavigne proved time and time again that she’s not only impressive ass and boobs. She’s also a gifted songwriter. The Canadian singer wrote Kelly Clarkson’s hit song Breakaway, not to mention her songs as well. 

Meanwhile, here are some Avril Lavigne bikini photos to prove why she’s among the hottest ladies in the world, according to Maxim and FHM throughout the years.

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