41 Sexy and Hot Aubrey Plaza Pictures

If there is a queen for a sexy body, but with a completely deadpan comedic talent, Aubrey Plaza would be it. Her expressionless delivery of jokes and wits and the hilarious way it is received makes her a unique Hollywood personality.

Sometimes you might wonder why she’s deemed one of the funniest ladies in Hollywood when she rarely cracks a smile. From her numerous roles in both TV and the big screen, it’s not surprising that this hot actress is not only known for her fabulous body and nice ass. Over the years, Aubrey Plaza proved to be one of the major players in any movie or TV production.

She hasn’t always snagged the main character for all her projects. However, her big personality made her hard to miss in all her appearances.

Her Hollywood career didn’t start with rose-colored glasses. Aubrey Plaza began with a couple of internships, including at Saturday Night Live. However, following her stint in sketch comedy and improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, she started becoming the talented actress and comedian that people know right now.

Among her first appearances is in the web series in 2007, The Jeannie Tate Show. She also appeared and performed in the 2009 film Funny People along with Seth Rogen and Adam Sandler, despite not having experience in stand-up comedy before. Later, she appeared on the big screen in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World in 2010 and the 2014 movie Life After Beth.

From there, Aubrey Plaza’s movie and TV credits have rapidly grown. Aside from film, Aubrey Plaza also did voiceover works in films such as Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever as the Grumpy Cat and the animated movie Monsters University as Claire Wheeler.

Some of her notable TV shows include Drunk History, Portlandia, and Criminal Minds. She also played a role alongside the Hollywood veteran Robert De Niro in the movie Dirty Grandpa.

You might also know this beauty from Parks and Recreation. Her appearance in the series from 2009 to 2015 made Aubrey Plaza a household name. She played the same unimpressed and poker-faced April Ludgate that you know of her as a person, further cementing her credentials as one of the best comedian actresses in Hollywood.

From her many movie and TV roles, Aubrey Plaza rapidly became a beloved character in the world of comedy. Despite being considered as a hot girl in Hollywood, her acting skills are still as fierce as ever. Some people may call her average-looking. However, when you look at her bikini photos, she has a toned figure that could inspire you to get fit. There are a lot of proofs why Aubrey Plaza has both brains and beauty.

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