44 Sexy and Hot Ashley Scott Pictures

Everyone knows that the true beauty of a person is on the inside. However, there are still some people who believe that it is all on the outside. Either way, we decided to create an article that proves beauty is timeless. As of today, there are plenty of gorgeous people out there, but no one beats the forever beautiful, Ashley Scott. Her natural beauty proves that the beauty standards of today’s world are nothing but a fake.

For that reason, we decided to collect all of her hot and sexy photos that reveal the beautiful shape of her ass and boobs. From formal to bikini outfits, we’ve got you covered. But before scrolling down to our curated image gallery, let us take a glimpse at Ashley Scott’s professional life first.

Ashley McCall Scott, also known as Ashley Scott, was born on the 13th of July, 1977, at the Sugar State, Metairie, Louisiana. However, the beautiful woman grew up in Charleston, South Carolina. According to the actress, she started practicing for her modeling career since she was a young girl. Last 1993, she became an Elite Model Look finalist.

During her teenage years, the young actress became a part of several fashion shows in Paris, London, and Miami. She also appeared in some photoshoots for different publications.

The stunning actress became the cynosure of all eyes when she appeared in famous television series such as the Dark Angel, Jericho, and Birds of Prey. She also took part in a 2004 American action film remake called Walking Tall. Scott spent most of her career in Lifetime network.

Scott’s movie debut was the 2001 American science fiction drama film called A.I. Artificial Intelligence, where the actress played the role of Gigolo Jane. Moreover, Scott also appeared as a supporting role in blockbuster films such as Into the Blue, 12 Rounds, Walking Tall, and 12 Rounds. We also know that Scott was a part of a 2004 famous American spin-off series of Friends, called Joey, where the actress played as Allison. Additionally, the actress also appeared in the first season of the 2015 comedy-drama series Unreal with Shiri Appleby.

In 2010, the gorgeous actress had the opportunity for voice-overs. She was the one who voiced the leading character of a 2013 action-adventure game by Sony Computer Entertainment called The Last of Us.

When it comes to her romantic relationships, the gorgeous Ashley Scott became married to a professional producer, namely Anthony Rhulen, last 2004. However, they got divorced after more than four years of being together. In 2010, she started dating the English pop singer, Steve Hart. Unfortunately, the couple also split, and their divorce was confirmed last 2019. As of today, the actress is living in Los Angeles, California, with her two adorable daughters.

Ashley Scott is indeed one of the most unpredictable and charming women in the Hollywood industry. Throughout her career, she always manages to show her unique kind of attractiveness. Now, let’s check some of her best photos in our image gallery below. 

Sexy and Hot Ashley Scott Pictures