45 Sexy and Hot Ashley Graham Pictures

The one and only Ashley Graham is one of the plus-size models that attracts men because of her undeniable beauty. Throughout the years, we have seen several hot bikini, ass, and boobs pictures that shows how healthy and firm her body is. Therefore, we decided to hand-pick the most viral photos and included them in this curated image gallery. This collection will make you wonder how someone this beautiful could exist. These sexy images are sure to make you smile and fall in love with Graham.

Aside from this adorable image gallery, we have also gathered some interesting facts about her life, which will also make you mesmerized. However, if you do not want to know some of this information, you can go straight to our image section and enjoy the Ashley Graham adorable photos.

We all know the gorgeous Ashley Graham as an excellent model and TV presenter. She started her career last 2000 and decided to sign her deal with the Wilhelmina Models last 2001. Graham is a Lincoln, Nebraska native, and was born on October 30, 1987. During her early career in modeling, Graham was featured in YM Magazine. Last 2003, she decided to sign a deal and become a part of Ford Models.

Last 2010, Ashley Graham has become a part of a controversial commercial of Lane Bryant TV. The said commercial has received over 800,000 views on YouTube and became a headline on showbiz news, including the New York Post and The Huffington Post.

Aside from her successful career, you will also admire Graham’s body positivity. Throughout the years, the actress has been a strong proponent of Health at Every Size movements, which pushes size acceptance into the mainstream. Graham had her TED Talk, which advocates self-acceptance regardless of your body size. According to the model, she uses her body as a tool to talk about how to overcome insecurity with your body fats and love your own skin.

Last 2013, Addition Elle paired with Graham and came up with a lingerie line, which is designed for plus-size women. She also coached several aspiring plus-size models on MTV’s Made. 

Last August 2019, the said model announced her first pregnancy with Justin Ervin and started sharing photos of her stretch marks on Instagram. Several fans around the world showed their support for it.

What makes her stand out from other models is that she denounces photographers and magazine staff from retouching her in photoshoots. She wants to enhance her cellulite instead of erasing it.

So, it looks like we have given you enough details about Ashley Graham’s life. Therefore, we think it is the perfect time to jump into our unique collection of Graham’s body pictures. We are sure that the following images will make you appreciate plus-size women even more.