44 Sexy and Hot Anne Winters Pictures

At 25 years old, Anne Winters is rapidly becoming one of the sweethearts and hot faces in Hollywood, a real rising star in the entertainment industry.

Born in 1994, the actress is a native of Dallas, Texas. Her legal name is Anne Christine Winters and usually goes by Annie or Bananie. At a very young age, Anne Winters already showed an immense passion for performing. She might not know it then, but the young Anne Winters will grow to become a celebrity, both on the television and the big screen.

At four years old, Anne Winters debuted her acting and singing talent in a musical production. At ten years old, the young actress made another breakthrough performance at the American Airlines Center, where she sang her first solo in front of more than 24,000 people.

Her career continued with various appearances and projects. Throughout her high school years, Anne Winters went back and forth between Dallas and Los Angeles to work on more than a dozen independent films and national TV commercials.

After graduation, the actress initially planned to enter the university. However, that quickly changed when she decided to pursue her flourishing acting career instead. She relocated to Los Angeles and focused her time on getting a stable job in show business. 

Her earliest on-screen role was in a short movie Gloria, where she played the character of a student. However, her feature film debut as a professional actress came when Anne Winters landed a part in the film A Christmas Snow. 

Anne Winters became a sexy and in-demand personal on the TV scene. She appeared in various TV series such as the drama show on Freeform and ABC Family, The Fosters. She played the role of Kelsey in the series, which aired from 2013 to 2014. It is one of the breakthrough roles for the actress that would open more doors for her in the acting world.

That same year, she also starred as a guest in the hit sitcom on Disney Channel, Liv and Maddie. 

In 2014, Anne Winters landed the leading role in the drama series in FX, Tyrant. She played the character of Emma Al-Fayeed. The following year, the actress was in the TV film in Lifetime, The Bride He Bought Online. Also, in 2015, Anne Winters landed another leading role in Wicked City, a crime-drama series in ABC.

Throughout her acting career, Anne Winters worked on several big-screen projects as well. In 2014, she was part of the feature movie Sand Castles, followed by a role in the film Pass the Light a year after. 

Her movie roles continued after that. Anne Winters worked on the 2016 movie The Tribe, then in the 2017 horror-comedy film Mom and Dad.

Throughout her career, Anne Winters already had nominations and awards under her name. In 2014, she got the best supporting-actress award then an outstanding lead actress in 2018 from the Daytime Emmy Awards.

While the actress is pretty modest and doesn’t bare her ass and boobs on the screen, her impressive figure is evident in all her bikini photos. Check out some of her gorgeous pics online and on her social media profiles.

Sexy and Hot Anne Winters Pictures