60 Sexy and Hot Anna Faris Pictures

Anna Faris can be both hot and funny. With her remarkable performance on the Scary Movies, Faris proves that she’s an actress for us to take seriously. As well, the compilation of Sexy and Hot Anna Faris Pictures we have created below, will show how attractive she is.

From Maryland, Baltimore, Faris, the second child, had a great childhood with her sibling and parents. At the age of 6, the family decided to move to Washington because of her father’s work.

Anna’s parents are very supportive of her acting endeavor that they encouraged her to join the community drama class. At a young age, Faris is already envisioning something big, as she produced her plays in their household.

Fast forward after finishing her academic career, Faris made a life-changing decision when she stayed in Los Angeles.

Here, Anna pursued her passion for acting, and finally, her film debut happened with Scary Movie in 2000. She played Cindy Campbell on the parody film that lasted for almost five years, with sequels.

In 2002, Faris also portrayed in an indie film as a lesbian in May.

We got to see her sexy figure when she got a role in Hot Chick, where she co-starred with Rob Schneider. Aside from her breakthrough project in 2000, Faris considers Lost in Translation, a 2003 film a significant part of her acting life.

Apart from movies, she was also included in Friends as Erica in the year 2004. She entered the last season of the show, which gave her enough exposure to get recognized by more people.

The final and 4th installment for the Scary Movie premiered in 2006. Faris later maintained taking comedic roles on the screen, which are all well-received by many people.

She made a comeback in 2013 when she played a role in Movie 43 with her husband, Chris Pratt.

That same year, she also tried acting in the UK when she accepted a position for I Give It a Year. The movie is a success in the country, raking in massive sales and giving its casts recognition. Later, Faris secured a role in Mom, a sitcom aired on NBC.

She is also known for voicing a character in the animated film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, which she appeared for the two movies released.

Her voice was also used in all Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, ending in 2016. In the next year, she lends her voice to Jailbreak, a character in Sony’s animated film The Emoji Movie.

Her latest work Overboard premiered in 2018, which also marks her second appearance in a movie leading role.

Anna Faris has an exciting acting career. She was also able to pull off different acting roles, mixing comedy with serious ones. Other than that, her body is also her asset. She often wears a bikini effortlessly.

If you’re not yet a fan of Faris, then this collection must be enough to turn you into one. Get mesmerized by her magnificent pair of boobs, and get lost in her perfect ass, with our best collection.

Sexy and Hot Anna Faris Pictures

Sexy and Hot Anna Faris Pictures
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