49 Sexy and Hot Anna Akana Pictures

Hot Asian American actress Anna Akana has done well for herself. The multi-talented Anna has a list of impressive credentials from stand-up comedian to lead Hollywood actress while effortlessly adding musician and fashion icon in between. Earning her the admiration of 2.68 million Youtube subscribers, and soon more will be drawn to her as she breaks into mainstream Hollywood. This list makes one ask if anyone else could be any more amazing than she is.

  1.  Anna played the lead in the SXSW film festival entry, “Go back to China,” a comedy about a headstrong Chinese daughter of a Chinese toy factory tycoon forced to go home to China after her dad cuts off her support.
  2. Anna also multitasks as a writer, director, and producer of short films. Many of which have been well-received by both critics and audiences.
  3. Anna writes and performs her music. Anna released an album entitled “Casualty” that features 13 songs in rap, spoken word, and pop genres.
  4. She was in Marvel’s Ant-Man as the writer girl that met up with Falcon, Stan Lee was in the same sequence.
  5. A vegan and a fitness buff, the sexy Anna models her own trendy fashion line clothing called “Ghosts and Stars” and can also be seen posing in a bikini online.  
  6. She was a dancing extra on Katy Perry’s iconic music video of “Last Friday Night.”
  7. Anna started as a stand-up comedienne who took her comedy online as a Youtube vlogger and candidly spoke about topics like bisexuality and dating, boobs and asses, masturbation, and relationships.
  8. Anna is a mental health advocate who is a published author of a book that was inspired by the suicide of her sister. Anna uses humor to cope with her anxieties and teaches others to do so.
  9. She played a blind Jedi in “Hoshino,” a Star Wars fan film where she loses her sight in a lightsaber accident and has to duel a Sith Lord using only the force.
  10. She will be featured next in the Netflix Superhero series “Jupiter’s Legacy” as Raikou, a double katana-wielding masked telepath with superhuman strength and speed.  

Anna is the kind of woman you would want to bring home to meet mom – one with brains, talent, an excellent sense of humor, and a good heart. But before you start hunting for her number to ask her out, there’s one more thing you need to know. Her dad is a United States Marine Officer. 

This lady is not for the faint of heart, but then fortune favors the bold. May the force be with you.