50 Sexy and Hot Ann-Margret Pictures

Are you curious about Ann-Margret, the sexy blonde bombshell that Elvis Presley dated in the 1960s? In this article, we are going to satisfy your interest for this hot babe. You will find interesting facts about Ann-Margret that make her among Hollywood’s legendary luminaries. Plus, we are going to make you feel sexy with Sexy and Hot Ann-Margret Pictures that offer luring peeks of her grab-worthy ass and alabaster-white and soft boobs. So are you ready? Let us first discuss a little background of the sexpot.

Ann-Margret is the mononym of the Swedish-American TV and movie star, dancer, and singer. Her official family name is Olsson. Yes, Ann-Margret is not from North America. Her birthplace listed online is Stockholm, Sweden. Also, her birth date is April 28, 1941, which makes her star sign Taurus, an Earth symbol. Ann-Margret’s parents are Mrs. Anna Regina Aronsson-Olsson and Mr. Carl Gustav Olsson. Ann-Margret shared that her family settled in a tiny town called Valsj√∂byn when she was a little girl. This place in her native Sweden is where plenty of farmers and lumberjacks resided and relished living close to the freezing Arctic Circle.

When Ann-Margret’s family migrated to the United States in the mid-1940s, she shared that her Dad took them to Radio City Music Hall in New York City on their arrival day. Then, they stayed in Wilmette, Illinois, permanently. This classic-faced actress became an American citizen in 1949. Since 1961, Ann-Margret has been active in the entertainment business. In her job as a songbird, she released albums such as “And Here She Is…Ann-Margret,” “The Vivacious One,” “Bachelor’s Paradise,” and “God Is Love: The Gospel Sessions 2.” Also, she breathed effervescent life into her singles that made it to the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. They comprise “What Am I Supposed to Do,” “I Just Don’t Understand,” and “It Do Me So Good.”

In 1964, did you know that this Golden Globe-winning actress went out on dates with Elvis Presley during the making of their musical motion picture “Viva Las Vegas”? The “King of Rock and Roll” was one of the thoughtful admirers of Ann-Margret. He showed his support to her during her performances in Las Vegas, too. Elvis would reportedly have guitar-shaped floral arrangements dispatched to Ann-Margret as a token of friendship later on as well.

As a movie star, Ann-Margret garnered critical acclaim in her performances in the 1963 musical comedy movie “Bye Bye Birdie.” She received a Golden Globe nomination for her excellence as an actress in this film, portraying the role of Kim McAfee. Furthermore, Ann-Margret appeared in famous classic motion pictures such as “A Streetcar Named Desire,” “The Cincinnati Kid,” “Made in Paris,” “The Swinger,” and “Stagecoach.” In recent years, she got roles in films like “The Break-Up,” “Any Given Sunday,” “Grumpy Old Men,” “Newsies,” “Going in Style,” and “Old Dogs.” As a showbiz A-list figure, she has worked with the best in Hollywood, such as Al Pacino, Jennifer Aniston, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine, among plenty of others.

Ann-Margret is, indeed, among the renowned stars of Hollywood. Plus, this five feet and three and a half inches tall, green-eyed head-turner never failed in making her male fans feel excited. It is because she has maintained her astonishingly svelte figure that has made her enthusiasts from around the globe smitten. No doubt, Elvis Presley is among those eligible bachelors who she got charmed in her beautiful lifetime. So without further ado, we want you to enjoy these titillating bikini pics of the exquisitely breathtaking Ms. Ann-Margret! Enjoy!

Sexy and Hot Ann-Margret Pictures