60 Sexy and Hot Android 18 Pictures

Do you watch Dragon Ball Z? Are you a fan of this manga series when you were a child? If yes, then most likely you know Android 18. This lady is a cyborg created by Dr. Gero to help with his revenge against the protagonist Goku. She has a twin brother called Android 17, who underwent the same experiment. Her human name was Lazuli. 

Although fictional, this character has gathered a lot of fans. In the cartoon, the authors depict her as a beautiful lady with a slender and sexy body. Her height is above average, and her hair is shoulder length colored, either blond or silver. There are not many photos with this lady on a bikini, but those that show her wearing one reveals her hot body. Underneath the casual clothes, she has prominent boobs and beautiful ass. Her hourglass body is very evident. Fans love looking at her pictures because her character represents a woman with strength and beauty.

In the series, there are two versions of the story. One is that Android 18 did not want to participate in the plans of Dr. Gero. Instead, she got married to Krillin, the best friend of Goku. After that, she became a principal cast in the show. On the other version, she became a heartless killer who initiated a rule dominated by terror with her brother. That reign continued for 20 years until Trunks defeated them.

Despite being called a cyborg, Android 18 retained a lot of human characteristics. For instance, her physical appearance did not change. She was also capable of reproducing, as evidenced by her daughter Marron with Krillin. She and her brother were enhanced using bio-organic components to become superhumans. Dr. Gero also inserted mechanical devices in their bodies like an emergency deactivation controller, a small energy reactor, and a self-destruct device.

Android 18 has extraordinary strength and is resistant to physical damage. She also moves fast and has rapid reflexes. She can fly too. Because of her conversion, she retains her youth and does not grow old. Others cannot use the Ki Sense to detect her energy. In one of the shows, she defeated Trunks and Vegeta while in their Super Saiyan forms. She also overcame Tenshinhan and Piccolo.

Because of these, people consider her as one of the strongest characters of that period. Her brother Android 17, is a little stronger than her. She can use Power Blitz.  The relationship between Android 18 and Krillin started as a silent attraction between the two of them. Even if they are enemies, in one encounter, Android 18 did not kill Krillin and instead kissed him on the cheek.

There was also a time when Krillin could have deactivated her but chose not to because of his feelings. Eventually, they got married and had a daughter. In their relationship, they acted as protective parents to Marron. Android 18 was also portrayed as a loving wife, always supporting her husband, and encouraging him when he begins to doubt himself.

Sexy and Hot Android 18 Pictures

Sexy and Hot Android 18 Pictures
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