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Andrea Savage is a sexy and witty American comedian, actress, and writer who is also the creator of a comedy TV series called “I’m Sorry” (2017). The show draws a lot from her personal life, especially as a woman, mother, and comedian. We have compiled a solid collection of Sexy and Hot Andrea Savage Pictures for you visual pleasure. It follows the following bio.

As a dramatized version of her life, “I’m Sorry” highlights how it is to be a female comedian trying to juggle a career, relationships, and motherhood, all while navigating the urban jungle that is Los Angeles. The show is an excellent mirror of the woes of parenting, married life, and the need for valuable friendships.

Born in California, Andrea’s parents are Richard Savage and Sharon Lee. She was born on February 20, 1973, as Andrea Kristen Savage. Currently, she is married to Jeremy Plager. They have one daughter.

Despite being a wife and mother, Andrea still has a body fit enough to make it to the hot mom list. Yes, every woman, single or not, is beautiful in their way, but this funny woman takes it up a notch with her radiant personality and confidence.

However, Andrea is not just about being cute and funny. In college, she took up Political Science at Cornell University. Moreover, she is also an alumnus of the “Groundlings Theatre and School,” a prestigious sketch comedy and improvisation theater that’s existed for more than four decades.

Although she is best known for her roles on “Significant Others” (2004),  “Dog Bites Man” (2006), “Veep” (2012),  and  “The Hotwives of Orlando” (2014), her breakthrough role was her part in “Sweet Valley High” (1994-1998) as Renata Vargas, a Brazilian Exchange student.

Andrea has made a name for herself in the comedy industry. She has performed stand-up comedy in venues like “The Ice House,” Improv,” and “The Comedy Store.” She also appeared in the movie “Step Brothers,” as well as a long list of television shows both as an actress and voice talent.

In 2012, she also debuted as a director for a hilarious satirical public service announcement called “Republican, Get In My Vagina.” She also wrote the material for the PSA and starred in it with actresses Judy Greer and Kate Beckinsale. 

Often, she is compared to Julia Roberts, as some say she resembles the ‘Pretty Woman’ actress. Indeed, Andrea has a beaming smile that makes her even more attractive. Not to mention, she’s got a fantastic body underneath all her clothes.

A woman with her kind of confidence and charm can kill just by passing by, wearing nothing but a tiny bikini!

Sexy and Hot Andrea Savage Pictures

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