48 Sexy and Hot Amy Lee Pictures

At 38 years old, Amy Lee still rocks that gothic-looking eyes and long black hair. Amy Lee’s black outfits when she was still with Evanescence accentuate her body so well. With her corset, her boobs appeared more significant, and her hips and ass became recognizable. To know what we mean, scan through our compilation of Amy Lee’s photos while we introduce you to her timeline as an artist.

Born on December 13, 1981, Amy Lee lived in Riverside, California, with her family. Her father, John Lee, is a disc jockey and her mother, Sara Cargill, was a TV personality. She has two sisters and a younger brother who died from severe epilepsy. Her other younger sister also died at the age of three from an unknown cause.

Lee dedicated two of her songs, namely, Hello and Like You, to her younger sister, who died.

At the age of 14, Amy and guitarist, Ben Moody, founded the band, Evanescence while they were at a youth camp. Then, they started playing in coffee shops and bookstores in Arkansas. After a couple of months, they recorded two songs and sold them to local venues. They also made demo songs, which included their famous song, “My Immortal”.

In 2003, Moody left the band due to creative differences, and he got replaced with Terry Balsamo, Cold’s ex-guitarist.

While still with Evanescence, Lee did some solo projects with several musicians. She sang to her former Evanescence keyboardist and became a back-up vocal for other bands like Big Dismal. Lee also sang a duet with her then-boyfriend, Shaun Morgan, in 2004, and it got featured in the movie The Punisher.

In 2006, Lee became a chairperson for the Out of the Shadows. The organization’s goal was to educate people about epilepsy. MTV also created MTV Unplugged: Korn in both TV and radio and featured Lee singing “Freak on a Leash”.

Lee also made tribute albums from 2008 to 2012. She sang a remake of “Sally’s song” for Walt Disney’s Nightmare Revisited. She also sang “Halfway Down the Stairs” for the Muppets album and “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” for a tribute album for Johnny Cash in 2012.

While doing tribute songs, Amy revealed in an interview that her band, Evanescence were still together and that she is on the process of her songwriting. However, they decided not to go on tour since she found it monotonous.

Between 2013 to 2015, Amy teamed up with several musicians for certain movies. She confirmed in another interview that Evanescence was still together; however, they still have no plans on making new music. 
Amy Lee’s fashion style was always recognizable. She mostly designed her Victorian-style clothing and that she would instead make her clothes because it’s challenging to find the ones that she likes. Her bikini body was well-distinguished with her style.