60 Sexy and Hot Amy Adams Pictures

Amy Adams is probably one of the most recognizable redheads in Hollywood, but did you know that her natural hair color is blonde? Here are some facts about the sexy A-lister you probably did not know.

In an interview for the New York Times, Amy Adams confessed that dyeing her hair radically influenced her career. With her natural blond locks, she mostly got offers for stereotypical flirtatious and dumb personalities. When the artist changed the color to red, the type of characters people offered to her changed as well. She has not altered her hair color since then, and it became her signature look.

Her father was a military man, so their family had to move frequently from one army base to another. While they stayed in the Caserma Ederle complex in Italy, her mother gave birth to her. The place where she grew up in was called Aviano, and she named her daughter after the little Italian town.

One of her most notable works on film is the dark comedy crime film American Hustle. She received numerous nominations and won several of them for her portrayal of con-artist Sydney Prosser. Amy Adams shared a hot kissing scene with co-actress Jennifer Lawrence. It was undoubtedly a crazy but memorable incident in the film, and it was her idea to shoot it!

Apart from that scene, Amy Adams wore slinky and navel-baring outfits that almost spilled her boobs. The actress admitted she was not too self-conscious about her body because she was a dancer for years. However, she was careful about exposing too much skin on screen as it might harm her young daughter.

During her photoshoot for Allure magazine, Amy Adams admitted she was not too concerned about diets and exercise routines. She appreciates the individuality of every woman and is therefore confident about stepping out in a bikini with her current body.

When she was 18, Amy Adams worked as a Hooters waitress. If you are familiar with the much-loved restaurant chain, then you would know their female servers’ uniforms. Amy Adams said she was curvier in her youth and was proud of the job. We could almost imagine how the tank top and orange shorts emphasize her divine ass.

Her breakout role as a film leading lady happened in the musical Enchanted. The Disney film showcased her impressive singing skills, and critics compared her winning performance to the effect Mary Poppins had on Julie Andrew’s career. When she was younger, though, Amy Adams wanted to become a ballerina and trained in dance. She shifted to musical theater at the age of 18. Amy Adams has been married to actor Darren Le Gallo since 2015 after seven years of engagement.

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