60 Sexy and Hot Amber Heard Pictures

Amber Heard has been active in the Hollywood scene since 2003, with a string of minor TV and film roles. She unquestionably shot to stardom when she played the role of Mera opposite Jason Momoa’s Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe.

Though a natural blonde, Amber Heard portrayed the hot redheaded character by wearing a vivid red wig. It was so noticeable that her hair stole the spotlight on almost every scene in the film. Add to that her shiny form-fitting bodysuit; viewers would not be able to take their eyes off from the sexy actress.

Apart from her stint in the blockbuster superhero film, here are some things you probably did not know about this blonde bombshell.

She dropped out of high school. After declaring herself as an atheist, Amber Heard left her Catholic school in Texas and opted to earn a diploma through home study courses. She then moved to New York City and Los Angeles to pursue careers in modeling and acting.

She is bisexual. Apart from her highly publicized marriage and divorce from A-lister Johnny Depp, Amber Heard has had another high-profile connection with American artist Tasya van Ree. Though the relationship lasted for four years from 2008 to 2012, she only came out in 2010, much to the shock of her religious parents.

She was a Playboy bunny. In one of her lesser-known TV roles, Amber Heard acts as Maureen, a naïve and innocent woman in the crime series The Playboy Club. Though the drama got canceled due to low ratings, we cannot deny how the Playboy costume highlighted her amazing boobs and spectacular figure. If nothing else, the show was quite the feast for the eyes.

She is a trained lifeguard. When she was younger, Amber Heard took up the summer job but never got the chance to save anyone. Her Instagram has tons of bikini pictures that show off her perfect ass, but this detail proves they are not just for show. If there were another season of Baywatch, here is another star perfect for a role!

She is the brand ambassador for L’Oreal. The cosmetics giant is one of the most famous brands all over the world, and this stunning model started representing the company since 2018. Amber Heard is also a spokesperson for various causes like LGBTQ rights and domestic violence awareness.

Though there are tons of blondes in Hollywood, Amber Heard wants everyone to know she is not only a pretty face. This outspoken actress is not afraid to branch out from ordinary female roles.

We look forward to seeing more of her gorgeous looks and acting skills on both the big and silver screen.

Sexy and Hot Amber Heard Pictures

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