60 Sexy and Hot Alyson Hannigan Pictures

Alyson Hannigan turned 46 last March 24. But, she’s still as sexy and hot as ever. She is the daughter of Emilie Haas and Al Hannigan. Unfortunately, her parents divorced two years after marriage. After the divorce, Alyson and her mother moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where she grew up and attended schools.

Before entering the world of showbiz, Alyson Hannigan went to California State University. She graduated with a degree in Psychology. During her university days, Alyson joined a sorority. She played the clarinet too as a young girl but stopped before reaching high school. Alyson was also a football player but had to give up the sports due to injuries.

At a young age, Alyson started appearing in photo shoots, including a parenting instructional video. Her next appearance was in a commercial when she’s four years old. After this appearance, Alyson starred in many commercials from big companies such as McDonald’s, Oreos, Duncan Hines, among others.

After her commercials stint, she got a role in My Stepmother is an Alien. She co-starred alongside Seth Green, who also became her co-star in Buffy. Before Buffy, Alyson starred in a television show about a witch. She played the role Jessie Harper and appeared in all episodes.

Her most notable appearances include the Buffy the Vampire Slayer, American Pie series, and How I Met Your Mother. In Buffy TV series, she played Willow Rosenberg, the main character. Alyson Hannigan got many nominations. She also won several awards on her roles in these series.

Alyson’s husband is Alexis Denisof. The couple got married in 2003. The two have two daughters. Before her marriage, Alyson dated Ginger Fish. Who would have thought that she dated a person with a tendency for being a hell-raiser? Given her gentle personality, it’s hard to imagine.

Anyways, Alyson still appears in several TV shows. Her most recent is her role in Outmatched as Annabeth. She guested for one episode. Alyson is a versatile actress who can portray any character if she so wants. But, most of her roles have comedic flares.

Even at forty plus, Alyson still possesses a body, ass, and boobs, comparable to younger celebrities. She’s one of the several stars who remained stunning throughout the years. Alyson may not have leading roles or series anymore. She doesn’t even appear in many shows.

But, still, she keeps a steady appearance in fashion magazines or blog interviews. Almost two decades passed, Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, remained the best series where Alyson appeared to be a geeky sidekick. Until now, Alyson still accepts guesting in fandom Buffy events whenever she got an invitation.

This fact might affect her saleability as an actress in Hollywood.

Sexy and Hot Alyson Hannigan Pictures

Sexy and Hot Alyson Hannigan Pictures
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