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Retired sexy gymnast Aly Raisman is famous for her contribution to America’s sports industry. With a total of 11 first places on major gymnast events, as well as a two-time Olympian, she managed to leave a notable mark in her lifetime. Raisman is known to be flawless when she’s performing, but it is also no doubt that she possesses a hot body.

Raisman was born in Needham, Massachusetts. Here, she grew up together with her parents and three siblings. Her mother, Lynn, is a gymnast, and at the age of 2, she gains exposure to gymnast training from her.

Raisman got the inspiration to take gymnastics seriously because of the 1996 Summer Olympics gymnast team. They are called Magnificent Seven, and their feats include winning the gold medal for the said event. Young Raisman watches their matches most of the time through a VHS recording.

Her professional training started in Exxcel Gymnastics. After spending most of the time practicing, she transferred to Brestyan’s American Gymnastics Club, where she received guidance from distinct coaches.

Aside from being busy with her gymnastics career, Raisman never abandoned her academic pursuit, and in 2012, she finished the program in Needham High School.

Raisman joined the US woman gymnast team that will compete for the 2012 London Olympics. She made a remarkable performance by winning the gold medal in the floor and team category. Raisman also participated in the beam category, where she came out as a runner up and received the bronze medal for the said category.

We got to see more of her perfect ass in the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics. Along with her teammate, they managed to score two gold medals simultaneously. Aside from that, Raisman also performed well on individual categories, mostly receiving bronze medals for her performances.

Raisman is also known for her participation in the World Championship. She first joined the 2011 team, which brought home a gold medal. That same year, she also achieved a bronze medal on the individual category for floor exercise.

The American Olympian returned in the 2015 World Championship that will result in a gold medal once again. In 2012, Raisman got her first gold medal for the floor exercise event. That same year, she also achieved a gold medal on the balance beam event.

She got another gold medal for her performance in the 2015 World Championship as well.

After almost a decade of representing the US in professional gymnastics events, Aly Raisman announced her resignation in January 2020.

With the high demands of her chosen sports, Raisman always needs to maintain a body perfect for any bikini suit. Although it is hard, she pulled it off successfully for almost a decade.

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Sexy and Hot Aly Raisman Pictures