45 Sexy and Hot Allison Stokke Pictures

The fit, healthy, and sexy Allison Stokke is a successful athlete that specializes in pole vaulting. Don’t miss our gallery of Sexy and Hot Allison Stokke Pictures we have posted below.

Her success and popularity are from the past controversies that she battled on for years. These controversies, however, didn’t stop Stokke from reaching her goal and perfect her craft.

The California-born Allison inherits her desire for sports from her family. Her older brother, in particular, is a practitioner of gymnastics, which also influenced the young Allison to try out the activity too.

She later transitioned to pole vaulting in Newport Harbor High School. Her love for the sport turned her into a champ, winning awards and beating records of recent pole-vaulting champions, and including herself.

In 2004, as a freshman of her high school years, she broke the record for her category when she vaulted for 3.86 m. The next year when she became a sophomore, she continued shattering records with a 4.11 m vault. Finally, in her senior years, she achieved a 4.14 m vault, which granted her a second for the national rankings for high school students.

While Stokke was at the age of 17, unexpected fame came to her when a specific photo circulated the internet. It later became the reason for her to hire a personal manager because of all the attention she’s getting.

This attention, however, is the reason for her now successful career. Allison’s father that is also a lawyer defended her from different people who do illegal things on the internet to her.

In her college years, many journalists and reporters flock her matches and performances to take photos. In her second year, she achieved a successful 4.21 m vault in front of many people, including Scott Slover, a famous coach, and a pole vaulting personality.

While taking her college classes, she continually participates in tournaments and competitions where she performed above average to excellent.

In 2012, after finishing her college program, she set a new personal best of 4.36 m, an impressive record that will leave a strong mark in her career.

She eyed for the 2012 Olympics and joined a lot of competitions, however, she failed to succeed in some of them. She also didn’t pass the trials for the Olympics.

Aside from being a hot sports icon, she was also the reference for Korra, a character in the Nickelodeon series, The Legend of Korra.

She also landed several advertisements and modeling projects, which include Nike, Athleta, Uniqlo, and GoPro. Her GoPro videos, in particular, received positive feedbacks on YouTube, with more than six million views.

Stokke possesses a muscular bikini body that is being admired by her fans. Several physical features like her boobs have also developed well with her devotion to fitness and exercise. Allison Stokke’s sports masculinity is a perfect combination of her figure. Get to know her better with our great ass and full-body pictures collection.

Sexy and Hot Allison Stokke Pictures

Sexy and Hot Allison Stokke Pictures
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