52 Sexy and Hot Allison Mack Pictures

Looking at the Sexy and Hot Allison Mack Pictures we have put together below, you will recognize her as Chloe, a prominent character in Smallville.

Allison Mack is the hot daughter of an opera singer, Jonathan, and her mother, Mindy. Both her parents are American, but her mom had to give birth to her in Germany. It was the time when her father had to perform there. After her birth on the 29th of July in 1982, she and her parents stayed in Germany for two years before they moved back to America, in California. 

As a child, she worked in commercials. She worked for the German chocolate company. Allison recounted her painful experience at the time. She said that she felt frustrated because she had to take a bite of the chocolate without swallowing it. 

After her work for that company, Allison also had a career as a model in a short time. After that, she studied in Los Angeles when she was seven years old. 

Allison got her first television character for the series 7th Heaven. She played the role of a teenager who committed self-harm, which garnered a lot of attention. She also appeared on the series Opposite Sex, My Horrible Year, and Camp Nowhere. 

Even if you do not see her in her bikini, you will still recognize her playing the role of Chloe Sullivan in Smallville, which gave her a big break. DC Comics introduced her character in 2010, which was initially not a part of the Superman series. Because of her successful presentation for Chloe, she received several awards and nominations, which include the Teen Choice Award.

Aside from being an actress, she also lent her voice in some animated movies that include The Ant Bully, The Batman, and Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. 

After her career for Smallville, she obtained a recurring role for the sitcom Wilfred where she played as Amanda.

If you think that Allison is a sweet, innocent girl, you are wrong. In 2010, she became involved with an ass, whose name is Keith Raniere. She became a part of the NXIVM organization, which claimed that it provided personal and professional development coaching to its members as its frontal services. 

However, it turned out that it is a cult, and Allison was Keith’s associate. Mack admitted that she introduced the ritual of branding on those who underwent initiations for the DOS group. 

Because of her involvement with the NXIVM, the FBI arrested her in 2018. The charges were sex trafficking, racketeering, and forced labor. 

During the proceedings, the prosecutors alleged her for marrying Nicki Clyne, so that the latter could get away with the laws on immigration. 

If you look at her innocent face, boobs, and butt, it is hard to believe that she is a beauty with a mean side. 

Sexy and Hot Allison Mack Pictures