60 Sexy and Hot Alison Brie Pictures

If you watch too much TV series, you might have already known the hot yet bubbly Alison Brie. Popularly known as Annie Edison and Trudy Campbell, Alison had a fruitful acting career.

She grew up with her separated parents and older sister in Hollywood, California. Brie’s father made her joined the Self-Realization Fellowship, a church that is a hybrid of Christian and Hindu. While her mother isn’t against this decision, she still reminds Brie with her Jewish ancestry.

In 2005, she graduated and earned a bachelor’s degree from the California Institute of the Arts. She pursued another academic endeavor when she transferred to the United Kingdom and attended the Royal Scottish Academy of Music. The sexy Alison Brie tried being a clown and worked in many theatres and appeared in several birthday parties.

Her considered TV debut was on Disney’s series, Hannah Montana, when she starred as Nina. She later landed a significant role as Trudy Campbell in Madmen, a drama that lasted from 2007 to 2015. She worked simultaneously as Annie Edison in NBC’s comedy series, Community. The show lasted for six years, premiering in 2009 and ending in 2015.

In 2010, she had the opportunity to try comedy on Montana Amazon once again.

We got to see Brie Alison’s majestic bikini body when she was chosen by Maxim magazine for the 99th spot in their Hot 100 list. Her ranking improved the next year, showing more of her boobs on the 49th spot.

She also appeared in FHM magazine in 2013 in the Sexiest Woman in the World list, where she entered in #49. AskMen also featured her as 2nd on their list of 2013’s most desirable women in the world.

Brie had opportunities to appear in many films, including Scream 4, a horror film premiered in 2011. She gave another shot on a comedy project in 2012’s The Five-Year Engagement.

Aside from acting roles, she also did voice acting and lend her voice to Princess Unikitty in The Lego Movie, a 2014 animated film.  Her voice can even be heard in the eighth season of American Dad!, although her role only lasted shortly. In the same year, she also appeared on Netflix’s BoJack Horseman. She voiced a lot of characters in the animated series, including Diane Nguyen and Vincent Adultman.

Her two latest projects include a drama, Promising Young Woman, and a self-produced series on Netflix, Horse girl. Alison Brie’s versatility as both comedian and a drama actress is admirable. Aside from that, she also maintained a striking figure, which has been consistent in her TV and film appearances. If you’re curious about Brie, we think this gallery of her stunning photos, including shots featuring her ass, will satisfy you.

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