60 Sexy and Hot Alisha Boe Pictures

Alisha Boe is better known as Jessica Davis in the controversial Netflix show 13 Reasons Why. With her Somali-Norwegian ancestry, Alisha captivated her fans with her dark, exotic beauty.  

Alisha Ilhaan Boe was born in 1997 in Oslo, Norway. She came from a mixed-race family, as her father is Somali, while her mother is Norwegian.

Before she and her mom moved to Los Angeles, Boe spent her first seven years in Norway. She appeared in local plays and dance shows. As a young girl, she loved being on stage and making people happy.

In an interview with Essence, Boe shared that she attended auditions for Asian or Hispanic roles. She also appeared as a print ad model for retail and department stores, like Target and Justice. She also worked alongside media personality Kylie Jenner for a Sears commercial.

 She also admitted that she struggled with her black identity as a young girl. It wasn’t easy for the aspiring actress to book for roles due to her mixed ethnicity.

During her teenage years, she signed up for a drama program at El Camino Real High School in California. She later quit school to pursue a career in acting.

In 2008, Boe landed on her film debut in the horror film Amusement as Lisa Swan. Since then, she starred in other films such as He’s On My Mind, Plastic Makes Perfect, and Paranormal Activity 4. She recently appeared in the comedy-drama film Yes, God, Yes.

Apart from her film work, Boe made her first small-screen appearance in the comedy series Parenthood in the episode “Everything Is Not Okay.” She also starred in other hit TV series, including Modern Family and Teen Wolf. Boe also got featured in other shows, though mostly in minor roles.

In 2015, Boe appeared in the soap opera series Days of Our Lives as a guest star. She played the role of Daphne, a recurring character in the show.

Two years later, Boe landed on her big break in the hit Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. She portrayed the role of a high school cheerleader turned rape victim, Jessica Davis. In preparation for her part, Boe consulted a rape survivor to help her connect with the character.

Her graphic rape scene in the show sparked conversation regarding sexual violence. She later joined in the discussion about sexual assault at It’s On Us campaign together with former US Vice President Joe Biden.  

Boe has an Instagram account where she often posts her vacation trips with friends. She always wears a bikini that perfectly matches her hot body, especially her ass and boobs.

In her free time, Boe loves cooking. She collects recipes of vegan dishes. She also spends her time with her two pet dogs.

Besides acting, Boe supports Project Semicolon, which focuses on mental health awareness. She even shares a matching semicolon tattoo with pop star Selena Gomez to support the cause. Indulge yourself with Alisha Boe’s photo gallery and get ready to get mesmerized.

Sexy and Hot Alisha Boe Pictures

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