49 Sexy and Hot Alicia Keys Pictures

Alicia Keys first took the world by storm with her sexy debut single, “Fallin” in 2001. She was first introduced to the world when she performed on Oprah a day before her first album’s release. Her appearance on the show played a significant role in her career, pushing her debut album “Songs in A Minor” to reach platinum success.

Keys gained fans all over the world as she wowed and captivated with her music and sultry look. She was not like any other singer at that time, as her musical style reflected an understated yet powerful vibe that hooked fans from all walks of life.

She immediately rose to fame as a hot and fast-rising superstar, who gifted the world with sophisticated, mature, and well-polished music and lyrics. A year after she launched her album, she won multiple awards at the 2002 Grammy’s, including “Song of The Year,” “Best Female R&B Vocal Performance,” “Best R&B Album,” “Best New Artist,” and “Best R&B Song.”

She quickly established herself one of the hottest singer-songwriters of her generation, producing songs with depth and substance. Her many hits include “If I Ain’t Got You” (2004), “My Boo” (2004), and “Empire State of Mind” (2009). Her songs tackle themes about romance and empowerment.

Apart from her music career, she has also done movie engagements like “Smoking Aces” (2006), “Nanny Diaries” (2007), and “Secret Life of Bees” (2008), as well as TV appearances on “The Voice” (2016), and “Empire” (2015). In 2019 she hosted the Grammy Awards and performed hit songs from Lauryn Hill, Roberta Flack, and Nat King Cole.

Alicia Keys radiates beauty, kindness, and an authentic brand of sexiness brought about by her music. She has a unique and playful sense of style and an equally particular view of beauty. In 2016, she started wearing little to no makeup. She ditched makeup completely indefinitely as it gave her a deep sense of empowerment, and motivated her to embrace and show off her true self. 

Since then, she has continuously faced the world makeup-free, even in shows and red-carpet events. Although initially, she did receive a bit of flak for her decision, negative comments did not get in her way of celebrating and flaunting her natural beauty. Seeing Keys barefaced and in a bikini is one of the most beautiful and inspiring sights to behold.

Facing the mirror and seeing all of one’s flaws can intimidate some women. However, Alicia showed the world that doing so can be an empowering and freeing move. She has also proven that putting all that gunk on one’s face doesn’t add any value to one’s character or creativity.

Alicia Keys is not the type of artist who flaunts her boobs or twerks her ass to sell albums. Her fame and likeability stem from passion and artistry, and her willingness to empower herself and women around her.  

Sexy and Hot Alicia Keys Pictures