50 Sexy and Hot Alice Eve Pictures

Growing in a family of professional actors, Alice Eve was discouraged from entering the show business when she was young. However, acting is in her blood, and soon enough, performing became her passion.

Over the years, Alice Eve became well known as Hollywood’s blond bombshell with ass, boobs, and an overall figure to be deserving of the title and more. However, this English actress is more than just her impressive body. She’s also an Oxford graduate.

While she was at the university, Alice Eve took part in several student productions to jumpstart her soon progressing acting career like her parents. She appeared in The Color of Justice, Scenes from an Execution, Animal Crackers, and An Ideal Husband.

Alice Eve also ventured into the TV scene, landing roles in Entourage in 2011, Black Mirror in 2016, and Ordeal by Innocence in 2018. She also got parts in plays by Trevor Nunn and Tom Stoppard’s Rock n Roll.

Meanwhile, her first dip in the movie scene came after she got the role in the 2006 movie Starter for 10, playing opposite James McAvoy. That same year, she also starred with Simon Pegg in the film Big Nothing. Alice Eve went to India for Losing Gemma, a British miniseries, also in 2006.

The beauty and acting skills of the English actress became known in America through her role in the 2009 movie Crossing Over. The following year, Alice Eve landed a prominent character that would eventually give her massive success and fame in the industry. She snagged the role of an Irish nanny for Charlotte York in the 2010 sequel Sex and the City 2.

That same year, she appeared in She’s Out of My League, where she played as her parents’ real-life daughter. It was her first leading role. There was a scene with her walking into an airport lounge, and men are gawking with admiration. It isn’t far off in real life as Alice Eve is one sexy woman.

Most of her appearances on the big screen are also to portray blond and hot women. That includes her role as Cicely Boyd in The Rotters’ Club BBC adaptation.

She also made a cameo as Alice Eve, herself, in the 2014 sequel of the film Night at the Museum. Her more recent work is in the series Belgravia, where she dons brutally tight corsets.

Most of Alice Eve’s movie roles highlighted her English beauty, for which various magazines and publications also admired.

The actress was one of the Most Beautiful Faces from Around the World, according to The Annual Independent Critics list. She ranked #22 (2008), #47 (2009), and #7 (2010) in the list.

Meanwhile, here are some Alice Eve bikini photos to prove she’s one of the most beautiful and sexiest women in Hollywood.

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