40 Sexy and Hot Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Pictures

From a bartender, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez took over a hot seat in Congress, shocking everyone after overthrowing a powerful incumbent Democrat. She’s got radical politics and charisma, which, in combination, proved to be lethal against the Democratic Party establishment. She is also very sexy, as shown by the compilation of Sexy and Hot Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Pictures we have below,

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez majored in economics and international relations at Boston University. Her degree proved to be useful for the young woman as she soon will sit at an office in Capitol Hill.

However, before her surprising success, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez took several low-paying jobs after college to help keep the family afloat following her father’s passing.

When she was still Sandy from Flats Fix, a tiny taqueria in Manhattan, she was well-loved by patrons for her friendliness and infectious kindness. She worked as an intern in the office of Senator Ted Kennedy in college, then volunteered for the campaign of then-Senatorial candidate Bernie Sanders.

From bartender to a political organizer, Sandy got an idea to run for office after getting back from a road trip to see the protests made against the Dakota Access Oil pipeline.

Shortly, she started becoming Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a Bronx-native running to earn a seat in the US House of Representatives.

After 18 months, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez gained popularity when she became the youngest woman to win a seat in Congress. She beat Joe Crowley, who was in his 10th term in the Democratic primary for the 14th district in New York. No one was prepared for the young woman to win, especially as she gained celebrity status after winning in Congress.

However, the unlikely rise of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in the office is both a blessing and a curse. She’s become one of the most talked politicians in the US, second to the President.

A few months after sitting in her office on Capitol Hill, she was either a “Wicked Witch” or “Wonder Woman,” depending on whether it’s her fans or opponents who are talking.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Twitter followers also climbed immensely even before her win. Thousands of Americans tuned in to watch everything she does from re-potting her plants to making a black-bean soup on Instagram. The signature lipstick she’s always wearing also sold out online shortly after she tweeted the name and brand.

She also used social platforms to communicate directly to American voters, more like an influencer and a lifestyle blogger.

In the office, most call her a political phenomenon, the best storyteller since President Barack Obama. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is a part legislator and part activist.

Many have commented that one of her edges during the campaign was her attractive persona and appeal to young people. Although that didn’t win her the seat, it still rang true as the youngest Congresswoman is sexy and appealing to boot. Check out these bikini photos of the hottest woman in Congress, with impressive boobs and ass that are worth admiring.

Sexy and Hot Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Pictures

Sexy and Hot Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Pictures
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