55 Sexy and Hot AJ Lee Pictures

Don’t be fooled by AJ Lee’s innocent-looking face because with her nicely built hot body, and she might smack you down. AJ Lee proved that even when she has retired in the WWE, she still rocks that sexy figure along with her great ass. To see more AJ Lee photos, scan through our gallery.

We know her as AJ Lee, but for her family, she is April Jeanette Mendez. The Puerto Rican descent wrestler was born on March 19, 1987, in New Jersey to parents, Janet Acevedo and Robert Mendez. She grew up in a humble home and had two other siblings.

Lee’s most significant influence on her career was her brother, who was a WWE fan. As early as 12 years old, Lee already knows where her path will lead her. AJ attended college at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and majored in Film and Television Production. It was until her family had a significant financial crisis that she stopped school and worked for her dream to become a professional wrestler.

AJ’s first wrestling experience was in 2007, where she enrolled in a wrestling school. She trained with Jay Lethal, and later that year, she started to appear in tag-team competitions. Then, in 2009, she went to the WWE tryout camp and signed a contract with WWE. After her win against Serena Mancini in 2010, AJ got a few setbacks before taking part in NXT’s third season. 

In an episode of SmackDown in May 2011, AJ teamed up with Kaitlyn. The two nicknamed their team “The Chickbusters”. Then on the November 2011 episode, she had an on-screen romantic relationship with Daniel Bryan, where they had a whirlwind romance until AJ got Bryan beaten by Sheamus and led to a break up between the two.

AJ later had several other appearances at Raw and Money in the Bank. In an episode in April 2013, AJ won against Kaitlyn in the WWE Divas Championship. She also defeated Kaitlyn at the Payback episode and the Money in the Bank. Lee was able to maintain her title until the end of 2013. It was until AJ got defeated by Paige that ended her reign as Divas Champion, marking her The Longest Reigning Champion.

In a Raw episode on April 3, WWE announced that Lee was going to retire from the wrestling industry. The six-woman tag team match was Lee’s final appearance. in an interview, she revealed that her decision to retire was due to her cervical spine damage, and she had lesser time with her husband, Phil Brooks.

If you think tomboys do not wear boobs-revealing clothes, think again because AJ Lee might be one of the hottest tomboys we’ve known. The former wrestler is also fond of comic books, anime, and online video games.