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The hot Canadian actress Andrea Joy Cook adopted the name A.J. Cook professionally for a more straightforward pronunciation. She appears in the decade-old TV series by CBS, Criminal Minds, as well as on several notable films. Cook started an acting profession in 1997, and since then, she made people realize how sexy she can easily be.

Although Cook was born in Ontario, she spent her entire childhood with her siblings in Whitby. Before pursuing her passion for acting, Cook began as a dancer first, taking dance lessons of different genres.

According to Cook, she’ll become a professional dancer with a studio if her acting career never took off. For her college, Cook attended a nearby institute in Whitby.

She had her first on-screen appearance through a McDonald’s commercial in the year of 1997. From there, everything rolled out so fast, and her acting career started. After several minor roles and guest appearances, Cook finally had a role in 1999 in the film The Virgin Suicides.

Also, in 1999, she was already starting to get famous, which leads to her role in the series Higher Ground.

The next year, she starred in the film The Spiral Staircase. In the early 2000s, Cook managed to land more lead roles, including the hit sequel for the movie Final Destination. She also starred in I’m Reed Fish, Ripper, and Outcold.

In 2003, she had two appearances, in Dead Like Me and Tru Calling, both giving her minor roles. Late 2005, when Cook achieved a significant breakthrough in her career. It happened when she joined the cast of Criminal Minds. She played the role of Jennifer Jareau that has been loved by many fans.

Cook starred on the series recurrently, but in 2010, her contract is due to expire, and the production company decided not to renew it due to financial problems. Fans of the show, as well as the character of Cook, aren’t happy with her departure.

As a response, CBS let Cook finish the story arc of Jennifer Jareau, giving the audience closure.

In mid-2011, however, the management decided to bring Cook back in the cast. The discussion finally went through, and Jennifer Jareau reappeared on the show for two seasons.

Cook had a chance to direct an episode of Criminal Minds. It happened in 2019 in the chapter “Chameleon.” That same year, she scored an appearance in the movie Back Fork as the character Nida.

A.J. Cook isn’t just all about acting. Her slim body enables her to get featured in the publication, Maxim. Cook deserves it well, given that she also has an attractive pair of boobs, as well as a well-shaped ass.

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Sexy and Hot Aj Cook Pictures