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Aimee Teegarden is a California-born American actress, model, and producer. She is mainly famous for her groundbreaking role as Julie Taylor in the Friday Night Lights series of NBC. The star has been modeling promotions for major brands like  Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger, and Hollister. At age 16, she graduated from high school through a homeschooling program. She’s vegan and strives to live sustainably.

She is a former member of Job’s Daughters International and is Bethel’s No. 244 previously Honored Quee. Aimee was given the title of  ‘Honorary International Sweetheart of Demolay International’ by the International Master Councilor Whitaker on the 19th June 2008 in Anaheim, California. She is currently supporting Oceana, a non-profit advocacy organization for the oceans.

One of Aimee’s popular TV show guesting includes playing characters in Hannah Montana on Disney Channel and Ned’s Nickelodeon’s Declassified School Survival Guide. In 2008 she appeared alongside Kellan Lutz in a music video for the song “Without You.” A year would pass, Teegarden guest appeared as Rhonda, a West Beverly pupil who meets up with Ethan Ward, in three episodes of the hit show 90210.

Teegarden appeared as a guest star on The Legend Of The Seeker depicting an adolescent girl who had just found out she was a confessor. She also made appearances in both CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Miami and CSI.

Teegarden had a small secondary role as a carnage-loving high school teacher in the horror flick Scream 4. The hot blonde also performed the character of Nova Prescott, an intimidating high schooler in the Disney movie Prom, in 2011. Her role is a high school student that’s going to study at  Georgetown University after her graduation. Before that, she is trying to organize a prom for her high school while juggling problems with her parents, love life, and the future. She was chosen by Young Hollywood Awards as the “TV Actress of the Year” in May of 2011 for her execution in the program Friday Night Lights.

She has presented the war film Love and Horrow only a few months after winning the award. The drama also stars Liam Hemsworth and Teresa Palmer.  Teegarden also played the part of Abby in Beneath The Darkness in 2011. It got revealed in February 2012 that Teegarden and Anna Sophia Robb had landed a role in Life at These Speeds alongside Douglas Booth. In the very same month, she got introduced as the female protagonist, America Singer for the TV adaptation of the novel titled The Selection – Pilot.

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Sexy and Hot Aimee Teegarden Pictures