60 Sexy and Hot Adria Arjona Pictures

This sexy lady has been in the Hollywood scene for less than a decade, but Adria Arjona already has a string of successful shows credited to her name. Born to a Puerto Rican mother and Guatemalan father, she lived in Mexico City for most of her childhood years. 

Her dad, Ricardo Arjona, is one of the most prosperous artists of all time in Latin America. His work required a lot of travel, so she mentioned growing up in a tour bus. She likened the experience to the comedy film Captain Fantastic, starring Viggo Mortensen. Growing up bilingual, she is more comfortable speaking Spanish.

Unlike her famous father, Adria Arjona has no talent in singing. He recommended she try acting as her creative outlet. Though initially quite shy, the hot young actress fell in love with performing. The rest, as they say, is history.

She appeared in several television shows, of which the majority revolve around crime drama. Her breakout role happened in the second season of True Blood. Adria Arjona saw the first season and did everything she could to get a part of the sequel. 

Other notable supporting roles include NYPD Detective Dani Silva in Person of Interest, Suzy Houchen in Unforgettable, and an appearance in a Narcos episode.

The stunning Latina can be incredibly sensual. In Byrdie’s Beauty Test series, Adria Arjona tested some of the most buzzed-about beauty trends, and she nailed every single one of them. Wearing only a simple outfit that gave a little hint of her ample boobs, she captivates her audience by her mesmerizing gaze alone.

Her Instagram has yet to reach a million followers, but the actress regularly posts ordinary and glamorous photos on her profile. We have also seen a feature of her training for a chase scene in 2019’s Triple Frontier. Though her parts were short in the final cut of the movie, the video showed her running up and down a hill several times. If nothing else, it made for a good training workout, and it showed her bountiful ass wrapped in form-fitting yoga pants.

Adria Arjona has also graced several popular magazines. Our personal favorite is probably the July 2015 cover with Leven Rambin for GQ. The dominatrix-inspired bikini top certainly inspired many imaginations.

The beautiful actress keeps her relationship private. Though she does post pictures of her mysterious partner online, such as when she announced their engagement in 2018, fans do not know much about love life. We wish her luck and happiness in her marriage!

Adria Arjona will join Sony’s Marvel universe in the new movie Morbius. We look forward to seeing how she will fare as a super-leading lady!

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