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She hails in Pennsylvania, USA, which is her birthplace as well. Born on February 12, 1992, Ratchford finished high school in a Catholic school. She went to a Jesuit University. However, Ratchford didn’t graduate.

Ratchford grew up in a big family with seven children. She was the fifth. Her parents are ordinary citizens. They worked hard to give food and shelter to seven children.

Her interests are traveling and cooking. Also, Ratchford reveals that her favorite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio. Pizza is her favorite food.

Ratchford wanted to become a veterinarian. Unfortunately, she’s allergic to dogs and cats. So, Ratchford had to forget her dream as a vet. When she was young, around five years old, Ratchford got hospitalized. Since then, she battled asthma in her childhood. Luckily, Ratchford outgrew asthma. Still, she carries an inhaler for emergency purposes.

Ratchford participated in Miss Pennsylvania at 21 years old. She lost in the pageant. After the event, Sports Illustrated featured Ratchford in its Swimsuit site. Ratchford got one hot bikini body with perfect ass and big boobs. Which is why she gets to model lingerie in many magazines.

Aside from Sports Illustrated, she also appeared in Playboy, Maxim, Esquire, and Zoo Weekly. In 2014, Ratchford decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue acting and modeling.

After her move to Los Angeles, Ratchford was part of the Sunset Boulevard broadway battles. TMZ gave her the nickname The Sweetheart when Ratchford appeared on one of its episodes.

While actively pursuing her modeling career, Ratchford began auditioning for Hollywood roles. She appeared in many television shows, including Access Hollywood, 8th Annual Babes in Toyland, and Parks and Recreation (but never made it to the final cut).

As of this writing, Ratchford is single. In 2013, the actress dated James Peperno, an American businessman. Their relationship didn’t last long. After the breakup, Ratchford dated Jamie Lovine for a year. Other men she dated included Johnny Manziel and Klay Thompson.

Ratchford is an internet sensation. She has so many followers on Instagram, reaching to 9M as of today. Ratchford is also active on Twitter and Facebook. She reveals that she spent most of her time looking at her phone, checking on emails, and communicating with influential people.

Being an internet sensation, Ratchford earns mostly from her social media account. Today, she has more than $5M net worth.

Ratchford owes her nearly perfect body to artificial enhancements. Plus, she gets a tan every week. According to her, Ratchford also applies SPF even in the winter season. She spends around $2000 for beauty treatments every eight weeks and another $2500 for monthly beauty maintenance.

Who are we to judge? Ratchford has to maintain a specific public image. Despite her costly beauty maintenance, she encourages her fans to embrace who and what they are, instead of adopting her self-image.

Sexy and Hot Abigail Ratchford Pictures