52 Sexy and Hot Abigail Breslin Pictures

You know her well in the film “Little Miss Sunshine”, but with our compilation of Sexy and Hot Abigail Breslin Pictures will surely tell you that her child star tag is now a memory, and she is very well-equipped to take more mature roles.

As Abigail takes on the pressures of the showbiz world’s standard of beauty, she brushes off people’s rude comments by being topless on one photoshoot with People magazine. She is an excellent example of women who prove that being skinny and showing off your bikini body does not mean you are sexy, and boobs and ass are the basis of being hot.

Born and raised as a New Yorker, Abigail Kathleen Breslin got her name from the first lady of the United States, Abigail Adams. Breslin was born on April 26, 1996, to parents, Kim and Michael Breslin, and has two older siblings.

Abigail’s acting career started as early as three years old when she appeared in a commercial by Toys R Us. Then, a film role followed when she got a cast for the movie “Signs” in 2002 with Mel Gibson. The movie turned out to be a box-office hit, and her performance even got positively criticized. She then starred in the film “Raising Helen” in 2004, where she played as Helen’s daughter; however, the movie had a low rating.

Then came Abigail’s breakthrough role in “Little Miss Sunshine”, where her funny and witty character, Olive Hoover, came to life. She was highly praised for her performance in the movie and even got nominated for the Best Supporting Actress on both Screen Actors Guild and Academy’s. Although she did not win, it was the start of her success as a child star.

When she got a role for a play in New York entitled “Right You Are (If You Think You Are)”, it was her first time to perform on a stage alongside big stars like Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett. Also, in that same year, 2007, she got into Forbes’ Young Hollywood’s Top-Earning Stars and went to become number eight.

As she got older, Breslin’s roles also became more mature as she took on the character of Little Rock in the movie “Zombieland” in 2009. The film became another box-office hit and grossed at a whopping $102 million worldwide.

Breslin got prominent mature roles in her 2015 projects when she took the action thriller film “Final Girl” and the TV series “Scream Queens”. The comedy TV series premiered in September 2015 until 2016. She then turned into Little Rock again for the sequel of the movie Zombieland entitled “Zombieland: Double Tap” in 2019.

Her next project is with Matt Damon on the movie “Stillwater”, which will be in theatres later this year, 2020.

Sexy and Hot Abigail Breslin Pictures

Sexy and Hot Abigail Breslin Pictures
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