60 Sexy and Hot Widowmaker Pictures

Widowmaker is a fictional character and a playable one in Overwatch. Widowmaker goes by the name Amelie Guillard Lacroix. She’s French and she is very attractive which you will discover through our set of Sexy and Hot Widowmaker Pictures we have put together.

In Overwatch data, Widowmaker’s husband was Gerard Lacroix.  Her husband hunts Talon since the founding of Overwatch. She was a ballerina and 33 years old. One day, Talon kidnapped Amelie to exact revenge on Gerard. Talon reprogrammed Amelie and turned her into a sleeper agent.

After months of searching, Overwatch found Amelie and brought her back. At first, Amelie seemed fine until two weeks after. She killed her husband while asleep. Her assassination of her husband made her a full agent. Amelie returned to Talon and underwent some sorts of training.

Her extensive training with Talon turned her skin blue due to a slow heart rate and lowered body temperature. Right now, Amelie doesn’t feel any human emotions. Her agent name Widowmaker, is the result of her assassination to Gerard. She made herself a widow.

During the developmental stage, Widowmaker is an assassin with light armors. Her ultimate ability is Infra-sight, the ability to see through walls. However, devs toned down her abilities. After the patch in 2015, Widowmaker can’t use charge up while using Infra-Sight.

Chloe Hollings lent her voice to the character in both French and English versions. Widowmaker has blue skin. She is more of a defense character, reflective of her sniper class.  Widowmaker has excellent abilities and weapons, aside from Infra-Sight. These abilities and weapons include Widow’s Kiss, Venom Mine, and Grappling Hook’s ability.

The Widow’s Kiss is a weapon (a rifle to be exact) and has two modes, medium-range, and long-range. The medium-range is damaging without a specific target. The long-range is more damaging in headshots. The Grappling Hook allows Widowmaker to reach heights that other characters can’t. Lastly, the Venom Mine infects other enemies.

Widowmaker appears in an Overwatch animated series. The series consists of eight parts with setting in London (King’s Row), the same map in the game. It also shows the abilities of Widowmaker in-game.

Aside from the game Overwatch, Widowmaker is also a wearable skin for Nova, a character in Heroes of the Storm. Heroes of the Storm is a Blizzard MOBA game.

People and game experts labeled Widowmaker as a classic sniper. Gamers have a positive response to the character. According to these people, Widowmaker is a strong character to gamers who are skillful in sniping. She is excellent in open maps with long winding corridors.

Since Widowmaker is a defense character, many players choose her during the beta testing. She has excellent defense statistics that could help a team in difficult situations.

Widowmaker wears a femme fatale style that includes high heels and a little bit of skin showing. Despite her blue skin, she is sexy as real-life beauties, with a hot bikini body. Widowmaker is slim and tall, with nicely-shaped ass and boobs.

Here are some pictures to provide proof of her sexiness despite being a fictional character.

Sexy and Hot Widowmaker Pictures

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