53 Sexy and Hot Wallis Day Pictures

Wallis Day is the sexy British actress who took over the role of Lydia Waters in 2012. She became the fourth actress to play Holly Cunningham before her character became revisited in 2013. Amanda Clapham is currently portraying the role of Lydia Waters. Even in the sixth season of Hollyoaks.

Later, Wallis starred as Holly. However, it comes as no surprise that the Wallis was working as a New York and London based fashion model before landing the Television Soap role.

This actress and model began her film acting career in 2012 in the feature film “The Boy with the Thorn in His Side.” A little fun fact about Wallis is that she has been a part of the top modeling agency, Models1 since she was 13, she was the youngest in the agency for three years. This only proves that the actress has always been undeniably gorgeous.

She was born on September 20, 1994, and spent her childhood with her brother living between Cheltenham and London, England. She went to acting school from an early age to pursue her growing love for drama. After this,  she then proceeded to attend the Sylvia Young Theater School. The 25-year-old actress then continued her full-time studies at the prestigious Arts Educational Drama School located in Chiswick London.

Day rose to fame with the celebrated Warner Brothers TV SHOW Krypton for both seasons 1 & 2; she portrayed the villainess character ‘Nyssa’  which served as a breakout role. Both Belfast and LA were produced. Wallis successfully secured a recurring role for the top-rated Television show at Liongate “The Royals” TV show, where she gave life to the character of “Angie” for three seasons.

Aside from her scorching hot body, Wallis Day is known for her athleticism, Day was trained up to swim for GB in the 2012 Olympics, but stopped swimming competitively when acting became more prominent in her life.

However, she has since trained in martial arts and performs all her own stunts on set. This training is probably why DC comic fans have started a petition that she be hired as the actress who plays the role of Kate Kane, who is more known as Batwoman in The CW’s show that carries the same name as the heroine.

Wallis Day is not one to shy away from posting sexy photos of herself that show off her boobs and ass on social media. She currently has over 240,000 followers on Instagram and 70 000 on Twitter, a prominent influence on social media.

The images in this gallery shall show you exactly why Wallis Day is captivating in her own right. With a toned body matched with a head-turning face like hers, you are surely bound to think that a goddess walks the very earth we live in.

Sexy and Hot Wallis Day Pictures